Sinestro #17 Review

"This world is defined..and fear"

With Sinestro #17 the Pale Bishop is now loose on Earth to advance the mission of the Paling and it's radical beliefs of non-emotion.  Cullen Bunn has been building towards this moment for some time and these first two chapters create the feeling that this story is going to be an event scale epic confined to the pages of this series.  Bunn is upping the stakes for Sinestro and finding just the right way to put him in his best light as Earth's new protector in a universe without a Green Lantern Corps.

The 2015 Larfleeze Gift Guide

The 2015 holiday season is just about to begin and no doubt you might be worried about what to buy for the Green Lantern fan in your life or what to put on your Christmas list if you're a member of the Corps. Green Lantern fans deserve the very best, so we spared no expense and risk of personal injury in sneaking into Larfleeze's lair to take a gander of what's on the top of his mile long gift list this year. And if you don't know who Larfleeze is and why his list is so long, have no fear - you don't need to know any of that to be able to get something great for the ring slinger in your life! We've even taken care of some of the shopping for you by providing hot links when possible to where you can buy them online, but remember to support your local comic shop if you have one!

Star Trek / Green Lantern #5 Review

"This is personal for  us"

Despite playing a little fast and loose with the rules of the Green Lantern universe, IDW's Star Trek / Green Lantern crossover has been a fun and satisfying ride so long as you accept it for what it it - a meeting of two great science fiction franchises that puts the emphasis on serving up copious portions of what the fans want to see.  The penultimate chapter gives readers the space battle to end all space battles as starships from all factions engage in an all out confrontations while ring wielders throw down in their own cosmic struggle.  Meanwhile Krona amasses his own army while no one has been watching.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #6 Review

"Nothing's going to be the same, is it?"

If Green Lantern: The Lost Army #6 seems rushed that's possibly due to Cullen Bunn needing to leave the cast in a state where Tom Talyor and Ethan Van Sciver can take the ball and run with it.  Whether the new creative team will make Green Lantern: Edge of Oblivion a true continuation of Bunn's story or make it something altogether different remains to be seen, but with the closing issue Bunn and artist Jesus Saiz cram as much in as they can.

DC Comics GL 75th Video

DC Comics today released on their YouTube channel a video showcasing the rich 75 year history of the mythology.  Take a peak at the video below and for our comprehensive look back at the stories, characters and creators who shaped the Green Lantern universe make sure to read our entire Green Lantern 75 features.

Kotobukiya Super Powers Statue Review

Kotobukiya has started another series of DC Comics statues with the newest line being a tribute to the classic "Super Powers Collection" action figure line from the 1980's.  The manufacturer recently released the Green Lantern statue complete with a power battery.  With retro packaging and a modern take on the classic sculpt of the original figure it makes a nice addition to your Green Lantern collection.

Take a look at the video review below - Amazon is currently selling it for around $25.
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Green Lantern February 2016 Solicitations

Green Lantern makes a couple of guest appearances according to DC Comics February comics solicitations.  Hal Jordan shows up in the second issue of Harley's Little Black Book  to deal with a hybrid power ring while it's Parallax who shows up in Telos #5.  Speaking of Parallax it appears that he's also going to appear in the main Green Lantern book as the surprise villain that Robert Venditti alluded to in our recent interview with him.

The previously announced all pencil version of Blackest Night finds itself re-solicited with a revised release date of April 20th, pushed back from the November 2015 original release schedule.

DC's Neal Adams Variant Theme for February 2016

Ahead of DC Comics' February 2016 comics solicitations IGN has showcased the pencil versions of the variant covers for the month.  DC has hired Neal Adams to draw all twenty five covers with each being a twist on a cover Adams has done in the past.  For instance the cover of February's issue of Green Arrow is a tribute to the iconic Green Lantern #76 cover but switching the roles of Hal and Ollie.  Meanwhile the cover of Sinestro puts the master of fear in a familiar pose from a classic Adams' Superman cover.  

The Podcast of Oa Episode 94

The Master of Fear

Episode 94 of The Podcast of Oa put the spotlight on Sinestro this time around.  Co-hosts Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey talk about the the two most recent issues of the Sinestro ongoing series where Lobo becomes a gun for hire for the former Green Lantern before Sinestro returns to Earth and makes a startling discovery during a visit to Kahndaq.

Justice League: The Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 Review

"I was never one for cautious"

Traditionally one shot tie-in books for a major comic event are barely worth a look, but Justice League: The Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 is not one of those books.  Laughably long title aside writer Tom King and artist Doc Shaner deliver what is in my opinion the Green Lantern story of the year.  This book delivers a powerfully emotional and personal story that poses philosophical and metaphysical questions for anyone who's ever questioned their place in the universe despite only having twenty-two pages to tell a complete story.

Green Lantern #46 Review

"That stupid wall made me a freak! Not even the kind I like!"

Green Lantern #46 closes the most recent chapter of Hal Jordan's adventures, this one being the first major arc of Robert Venditti's "Renegade" era.  This issue seems to settle the issue of the Source Wall's damage during GodHead and effectively takes Black Hand off the table for the foreseeable future with the knowledge that Venditti or a future writer could spring him free if there's a story to be told with him.

Sinestro #16 Review

"These people really have no idea who you are, do they?"

I love when writers approach their books with an intentional goal in mind and then pay off the reader when their plan comes together.  With this weeks Sinestro #16 writer Cullen Bunn makes good on his introduction of The Paling as a major threat to Sinestro's plans, albeit in a roundabout manner.  Sinestro and his Corps return to Earth and while the social call to Kahndaq is on the surface a chance for Sinestro to re-connect with Black Adam the revelation in the final few pages turns The Paling from a minor annoyance to a whole new chapter in Green Lantern mythology.

Sideshow Collectible Releasing a Second Green Lantern Figure

In 2013 Sideshow Collectibles released their first Green Lantern Premium Format Figure which included a light up base,  ring and power battery, and for those who got the exclusive version a very cool construct fist.  The run was limited to 1500 copies and quickly sold out, but today the company announced a second figure is coming soon via a great video and contest where you can win one for free.

The Podcast of Oa Episode 93


Bill and Myron are back with episode 93 of The Podcast of Oa.  This episode focuses on the two most recent issues of Green Lantern: The Lost Army as the series comes close to its conclusion.  Myron and Bill talk about the change in pace of the book as the Green Lanterns find short term allies in the Lightsmiths.  Myron takes exception to the characterization of John Stewart in issue 5 while Bill believes John's take charge attitude is just what the series needed.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #5 Review

"How about updating your online dating profile later"

With only one issue left to wrap things up, issue five of Green Lantern: The Lost Army looks to get the Green Lanterns out of jail and in a setup position before the story concludes in the upcoming Green Lantern: Edge of Oblivion series which starts in January.  Like any jailbreak the costs of freedom are high and by the end of the issue the Corps will be one member smaller while one of its smaller members saves the day.

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