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Sinestro #10 Review

"I am exactly who you think I am"

Sinestro is undoubtedly the most dangerous when he has his back against the wall and one of the qualities which has set him apart from your average adversary is that while he wields one of the most powerful weapons in the universe it's really his intellect that is his greatest asset.  In this week's Sinestro #10 Cullen Bunn puts Sinestro in one of those situations where it appears that all is lost, only to see the tactician in him create an opportunity to triumph. 

Red Lanterns #39 Review

"Today I got into a fight with a baby and got my ass solidly kicked"

To be completely honest I really wasn't sure what to expect from Red Lanterns #39 upon opening the issue and seeing the image of a baby kicking the snot out of Guy Gardner.  I mean, c'mon, seriously!  But I put my initial skepticism aside and prepared to let writer Landry Walker take me on the journey he created for me - and in the end I found myself really enjoying the story despite waiting for Rod Serling to pop in at some point to tell me that we had entered the Twilight Zone.

More GL news from the NY Toy Fair

While there wasn't a great deal of Green Lantern news coming out of the New York Toy Fair what products were announced were pretty awesome.  In addition to the products that are being made by DC Collectibles, Diamond Select Toys and Kotobukiya also had a few new things that didn't get as much attention that are equally great for Green Lantern fans.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #39 Review

"They will fall by your hand"

Green Lantern: New Guardians #39 brings Justin Jordan's run on the series full circle as he prepares Kyle Rayner for one more issue before the title wraps up its run.  Jordan revival of the Oblivion character is used effectively as Kyle's id, and while the issue is dialogue heavy Jordan scripts enough action to keep the pace moving without feeling bogged down.  This final storyline also shows how effectively Jordan used his Futures End issue to showcase a potential future that is smartly tied to the final chapter of this series.  

Second Volume of Geoff Johns Omnibus in July

DC Comics released their May solicitations today including previously released information on the seconds issues of the Convergence: Parallax/Green Lantern and Convergence: Green Lantern Corps.  Included with the May 2015 releases was also the news that DC will be releasing a second Geoff Johns Omnibus collection in July.  The second volume will contain over 1000 pages of Green Lantern stories including Blackest Night and will retail for $99.99.  Amazon.com is already pre-selling the book for $89.99 here.

The Podcast of Oa, Episode 80

Catching up with January's books

Myron Rumsey and Bill Giancoli are back for another episode of The Podcast of Oa.  In episode 80 we catch up on all the January books in the Green Lantern family, plus we talk about Tyrese Gibson's campaign to be the cinematic Green Lantern.  Myron also addresses Ryan Reynold's recent comment about there being no script for the 2011 Green Lantern theatrical film when he auditioned for the part of Hal Jordan.

Note: While we strive to keep this show family friendly, occasionally we let a color metaphor to two slip by and this episode is one of those times.  For that reason we are labeling this episode explicit even though the language isn't that "bad".

More information on upcoming merchandise

Recently DC Comics released images ahead of this weekend's New York Toy Fair revealing some new products that will be on store shelves this year.  One picture was of a Hal Jordan Deluxe figure in their new "Icon's" line, but the information DC released also mentioned a Bleez statue and a plush version of Dex-Starr.  

Since then DC has provided new information including images of the other Green Lantern products.  The deluxe figure will be in the second wave of figures and is scheduled for December of 2015.   The "Icons" line is also featuring statues of iconic versions of the DC's characters, including the previously announced Green Lantern statue.

Green Lantern Corps #39 Review

"Seeds to spread the darkness"

With this volume of Green Lantern Corps coming to a close next month Van Jensen could have chosen to take the easy way out and ended his run with a story that had little meaning or impact on the characters, but Jensen's commitment to the series is plain to see as he has chosen instead to push forward and provide some closure to Von Daggle's search for his long-lost partner while giving readers an action filled story that adds some depth to newer characters like Jruk and Feska.  Issue 39 of the series also mines the rich Green Lantern history and adds a new element to one of the Corps' oldest enemies.

DC Teases New GL Products for 2015

Ahead of this weekend's New York Toy Fair DC Collectibles has released information on a number of new products which will be available for fans in 2015.  Among the items that DC announced were a few Green Lantern related items, including a Dex-Starr plush animal, a Bleez statue from the "DC Comics Cover Girls" collection and a new six inch Hal Jordan Green Lantern deluxe figure in a new line from DC called the "Icon Series".  These new figures will be based around character designs by Ivan Reis and the Green Lantern figure comes with constructs which can be attached to the action figure to provide him with an attack suit.  No word on prices or release dates for any of these items, and at this time the only image available is of the new action figure.

DC Releases May Week 3 Solicitations

Comicbook.com has the exclusive scoop on some of DC's upcoming Convergence event books, today releasing information on some of the books releasing during the third week of May.  Included in that list is the second issue of David Gallaher's Convergence: Green Lantern Corps miniseries which focuses on the "Heroes from Crisis On Infinite Earths".  

Here's the solicitation information and cover for the issue:

Has Hal Jordan been cast?

The rumors are continuing to swirl around just what Green Lantern will be seen in the upcoming Justice League and Green Lantern movies and what actor will be wearing the emerald ring.  There's been plenty of lobbying by Tyrese Gibson, who's social media tactics have given him a number of headlines in his Sean Young-like pursuit of the John Stewart role.  And then there's the potential TV version where there's a potential for the character of John Diggle on Arrow turning out to actually be John Stewart.  Not a great idea, in my opinion, but no less viable than any other speculation that is being made at the moment.

DC Releases Solicits for first half of May

Blastr once again has the exclusive scoop on some of DC's upcoming Convergence event books, this time releasing information on some of the books releasing during the second week of May.  Included in that list is the second issue of Tony Bedard's Green Lantern / Parallax miniseries which focuses on the "Heroes from Zero Hour".  

Here's the solicitation information and cover for the issue:

Black Hand Signing On to "Suicide Squad"

In this week's comics the channel 52 feature spotlights on the new membership of the Suicide Squad with a surprising new member of the team - Black Hand.  This will likely be the first appearance of the Green Lantern villain since he released the Source Wall Titans at the end of Godhead and it will be interesting to see if there are any changes to the character as a result of that experience.  How a character like Black Hand who relishes death will be manipulated by Amanda Waller will no doubt be entertaining, as will be how he interacts with his teammates.

DC Announces "Green Lantern: Lost Army"

DC Comics today announced their post-Convergence title offerings which includes two dozen brand new titles.  The list includes their ongoing line and confirms that the creative teams on Green Lantern and Sinestro will remain as they are and that Hal Jordan will be a part of the Justice League.  It also announces one new Green Lantern ongoing series called Green Lantern: Lost Army to be written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jesus Saiz and Javi Pina.  There is no word at this point regarding the fates of John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner or Simon Baz although it would be safe to assume that at least one or more of them will be connected with the new series.  Dan DiDio on Twitter confirmed that "GLC is now GL: The Lost Army".

Green Lantern #39 Review

"The Corps needs to get right with the universe"

The main Green Lantern title finds itself in an interesting position just two issues away from DC's big Convergence event with a considerable number of loose threads left dangling from recent events that there really is no way for writer Robert Venditti to effectively wrap them up.  What Venditti does with issue 39 is shift the focus away from all the external threats that are still out there (i.e. Relic, the traitorous Indigo Tribe, the Source Wall Titans and the new threat that burst through the Source Wall in Annual #3) to focus on the effects that all those events have had on the public perception of the Green Lantern Corps.

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