Sinestro #14 Review

"I bet Sinestro just loves you"

Cullen Bunn has spent the last thirteen issues of his Sinestro series developing the book's cast and positioning the Sinestro Corps as a dominant force in the universe.  With this week's fourteenth issue one could say that "Sinestro: Phase 2" begins as Bunn adds new weapons to Sinestro's rapidly growing arsenal.  Some time has passed between the last issue and this one, where we find Sinestro in the midst of a recruitment drive and increasing his numbers is ways that I doubt any fan had considered.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #3 Review

"You know we're peeing in the time stream's pool, right?"

For the second time in three issues the Green Lanterns have come face to face with one of their most deadly enemies, both of whom are unaware of what there future holds.  Now with both Krona and Relic as allies the lost army faces a confrontation that they might not be able to emerge from unscathed in the pages of Green Lantern: The Lost Army #3.

Green Lantern November 2015 Comics Solicitations

DC Comics has officially released their solicitation information for November. Sinestro looks to journey back to Earth to meet up with Black Adam, who Sinestro found a kindred soul in during Forever Evil. Hal Jordan must team up with Relic and Black Hand to save the universe, meanwhile the Sinestro Corps find themselves in league with Black Adam when The Paling comes to Earth.  The Star Trek / Green Lantern crossover gets more insane when Nekron comes calling!  Will an army of Black Lantern red shirts be their undoing!

Green Lantern November Looney Tunes Variant Covers

DC Comics has released a number of cover images for their November variant cover campaign, which this time centers on the company's connection with Warner Brothers.  The Looney Tunes theme month combines DC's characters with the iconic cartoon superstars including The Green Loontern who appears on the cover of Justice League #46.

Limited Edition Sinestro Premium Format Figure Review

Back in June Sideshow Collectibles sent out email offers for a new limited edition Green Lantern Sinestro premium format figure.  That figure was recently released and we got our hands on one of the 350 figures that were produced in this limited run.  Here's our video review of the new statue.

Star Trek / Green Lantern #2 Review

"What's a 'Green Lantern?'"

Now that the basic setup is out of the way writer Mike Johnson uses the second issue of Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War to finish getting the power rings handed out to their recipients.  The two cosmic franchises begin to intermingle a little bit more which leads to some entertaining and fun moments, particularly as Dr. McCoy, Uhura and Chekov get their first experiences with their power rings and General Chang creates his first construct to take on Hal Jordan and the Enterprise.

Green Lantern #43 Review

"It's good to see the roses for a change"

Writer Robert Venditti has several plates spinning in the Green Lantern series and in this week's forty third issue we see him keeping those plot points moving while adding yet another element for Hal to have to deal with, adding yet another complication which will delay him in his quest to find out what happened to the Green Lantern Corps.  While the issue doesn't have many action beats it proves to be a rewarding character drama and sets the stage for a reunion between Hal and Black Hand.

The Podcast of Oa Episode 89

Green Lanterns Everywhere

Bill and Myron are back after a short summer  hiatus for episode 89 of The Podcast of Oa.  The two host talk about all the recent casting rumors for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film including the recent revelation that Chris Pine is not going to be playing Hal Jordan after all and the recent rash of social media posturing by a number of actors.

Green Lantern: The Modern Age 1999 - Present

Comics Explode into Pop Culture

The Ninth in a Series Examining Green Lantern History

Hollywood (Emerald) Knights

As the 20th Century was drawing to a close the paths between the comic book medium and Hollywood entertainment began to intersect more and more.  In 1999 Green Lantern was seen on the small screen for the first time in thirteen years as part of the Bruce Timm led resurgence of the animated DC Universe.  The Superman: The Animated Series episode "In Brightest Day" introduced Green Lantern to a new generation of kids via an amalgam of Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan complete with a reworking of the Silver Age origin and the threat of Sinestro.

Everybody Wants to Be Green Lantern

It looks like the role of Green Lantern is a hot commodity since we have two new "contenders" for roles in the upcoming 2020 Green Lantern Corps film.  This past weekend actors Lance Gross and Ricardo Segarra took to their social media accounts to tease that they are playing a Green Lantern in the movie.  Of course none of this has been confirmed and joins the growing list of rumors that continue to surround the film.

Pine Reportedly Takes Trevor Role, Gibson Confirms WB Talks

The past week has continued to stoke the fires of interest from Green Lantern fans about the casting of the much beloved characters as part of Warner Brothers DC Comics cinematic universe.  Two recent news stories seem to solidify the potential casting of an actor for the role of John Stewart and seemingly put to rest the casting of Chris Pine as Hal Jordan.

Sinestro #13 Review

"Now you possess the weapon that could destroy me..."

The Sinestro title has been slowly building up for something big and this week's thirteenth issue Cullen Bunn tips his hand a bit more.  As the writer has pointed out, Sinestro was greatly effected by the GodHead event and he emerged from his encounter with the New Gods more focused and determined as ever, and given his personality he's also a little bit blinded by his own ambition.  This issue features some wonderful character moments as well as a turning point for the entire Sinestro Corps.

Green Lantern: Architects of the Dark Age

The Men Who Continued the Mythos 
The Eighth in a Series Examining Green Lantern History

Throughout the summer we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of Green Lantern's first appearance via a series of features each of which focuses on the characters and creators who had a lasting impact on the rich history of Green Lantern mythology.   This installment focuses on the writers who left there mark on the Green Lantern universe during the Dark Age.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #2 Review

"I guess your name made the good list this year"

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #2 slowly unravels a little more of the mystery behind the disappearance of the Green Lantern Corps as John Stewart and company face off against a group of Fury Lightsmiths.  This continues to point towards the Corps being displaced in time more so than space as I speculated based on clues in the first issue, and with the understanding that we've gone backwards to the previous universe it was only a matter of time before we'd get an appearance by an all too familiar being from that previous universe.

Star Trek / Green Lantern #4 Solicitation

IDW Publishing has released the solicitation for the fourth issue of Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War which is set to see publication in October. IDW will have a number of variant covers for the project. Here are two of cover images released so far for the fourth issue and the solicitation information providing some plot details.

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