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Red Lanterns #38 Review

"The world is screwed up. Huge spoiler, right?"

Red Lanterns #38 sees the writing torch pass from Charles Soule to Landry Walker, who's job it is to bring the title in for a landing over the course of the final three issues of the series.  Last issue some stride were made with Guy Gardner as he seemed to start coming out of his funk thanks to Simon Baz's pep talk.  But as this issue progresses it's clear that Guy is having a more difficult time moving on than we'd hoped as he returns to Earth amidst constant horrible reminders of the fallout from his battle with Atrocitus.

More Green Lantern Movie Rumors Surface

We are still five years away from the next Warner Brother Green Lantern movie, but the expectation that a ring slinger will, and should, be a part of the preceding Justice League films has kept fans looking for some signs of casting. There has been a fresh crop of rumors surfacing lately, but nothing we've heard yet has the air of validity to it beyond people trying to get some web hits or trying to stir the fan base.

New Green Lantern statue coming in August

With all the Convergence news taking up the headlines for DC Comics' upcoming solicitations many of the collectible item announcements slipped by nearly unnoticed, including a new Green Lantern statue making its way to stores in August.  As part of the DC Comics Icons series this new statue of the new 52 version of Hal Jordan looks very similar to the Kotobukia ArtFX plastic statue.  This new statue stands at ten inches in height and will be limited to 5200 pieces, retailing for $99.
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Green Lantern: New Guardians #38 Review

"This....This is a message"

With GodHead over and the recent revelation that Kyle Rayner is living on borrowed time unless he finds a way to release sole control over the Life Equation, writer Justin Jordan is under the gun to resolve these and any other dangling plot threads he wants to wrap up before his run, and the entire series, ends in March.  On the surface Green Lantern: New Guardians #38 appears to be opening a whole new set of problems for Kyle Rayner to deal with, but by the end of the issue it becomes clear that what Jordan has in mind could wrap the series up in a nice clean bow.

The War of Light Coming to Dice Masters

Marvel Dice Masters by WizKids was a runaway hit for gamers in 2014, combining the strategy of Magic: The Gathering with the tactile fun of rolling dice.  It's no wonder the game is sparking a number of expansions, including the soon to be released Justice League Dice Masters, and the company is wasting no time in expanding their DC Comics offerings this August when WizKids releases and new DC Comics Dice Master: War of Light.  The new set will focus heavily on the Green Lantern mythology as well as introducing the Teen Titans to the gaming platform.

Green Lantern Corps #38 Review

"Darkness falls"

The dust is barely settling after the events of GodHead and before the Green Lantern Corps can catch their breath it's time for the next threat to emerge from the shadows.  Van Jensen's script addresses the actions of the Guardians in last week's issue of Green Lantern, providing a reluctant John Stewart with a shot at leading the Corps while Hal Jordan is away and the Guardians are mulling over whether he will continue to serve as their leader now that they have returned to Mogo.

More details on Convergence Green Lantern/Parallax issue

Blastr today released a number of solicitations for the second week of DC Comics' Convergence event which runs from April through May.  As previously announced the releases for the second week includes a Green Lantern / Parallax book written by Tony Bedard.  Here's the official solicitations which provides more information on the plot of the issue.

Blackest Night Coming to the DC Deck Building Game?

I love it when two of my hobbies intersect and as an avid gamer there's been some great games based on DC Comics, including one of my current favorites, the DC Comics Deck Building game by Cryptozoic Entertainment.  In a nutshell players take on the roles of DC's greatest heroes each with their own special ability, strategically building a deck of powerful cards and using the power they generate to take down supervillains in a contest to see who can earn the most victory points.  

New Clip for Throne of Atlantis

DC Entertainment has released a new clip from the upcoming direct to video movie, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, featuring Green Lantern and Flash.  Hal Jordan and Barry Allen are voiced by Nathan Fillion and Christopher Gorham and in this short clip Barry interrupts Hal making a move on a secretary at Ferris Air.  The film is scheduled to be released in physical formats on January 27, 2015 with a number of digital portal being allowed to make the film available as soon as January 13th.

Green Lantern #38 Review

"I don't have anything nailed down."

After all he's been through Hal Jordan is one guy who really deserves some down time, and thanks to the Guardians that's exactly what he gets in this week's Green Lantern #38.  Writer Robert Venditti takes a pause before plunging into the next big story to allow the title character and the reader a chance to regain their footing and that's a good thing.  However as the old saying goes, you can't go home again, and that's especially true when your home is filled with painful reminders of what has put you in the funk you're in.

The Podcast of Oa, Episode 78

GodHead, Episode 5

Episode 78 of The Podcast of Oa concludes our coverage of the seventeen issue Green Lantern GodHead event.  Co-hosts Myron Rumsey and Bill Giancoli discuss the final three chapters of the event, Red Lanterns #37, Sinestro #8 and Green Lantern Annual #3.  The two share their overall opinions of the event and unresolved plot threads that set up stories that might evolve over the coming months.  

The Podcast of Oa, Episode 77

GodHead, Episode 4

Episode 77 of The Podcast of Oa continues our ongoing coverage of the seventeen issue GodHead event.  This episode includes the second half of our conversations about Act 2 as well as the first half of the third act.  Co-hosts Myron Rumsey and Bill Giancoli also discuss the announcement that three of the comics in the Green Lantern family will end their runs in March of 2015 just as DC Comics launches their two month Convergence event, speculating about what book(s) might replace Red Lanterns, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Green Lantern Corps.  Myron also shares his perspective about what might happen if DC decides it's time to reduce the number of humans sharing the Green Lantern mantle.

Green Lantern Annual #3 Review

"All will be well!"

It all comes down to this as GodHead comes to a close after sixteen issues of back and forth between the ring wielders and the New Gods.  Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti tackles the finale of an event which helps establish the New Gods in the new DC Universe and forms an alliance which may be crucial in the coming Darkseid War.  While there are a lot of revelations and changes which spin out of Green Lantern Annual #3 there are also a couple of welcome returns.

Sinestro #8 Review

"Even the Gods shall know fear!"

We've reached the penultimate chapter in GodHead and it's all up to Sinestro now, and that's just they way he wants it!  Not only that, but he wants to make sure that everyone knows that he was the one that turned the tide of battle, such is his hubris.  In Sinestro #8 not only does our lead character gloat over his role in whats to come, he can't help but bait the ring wielders along the way, ruffling the feathers of everyone around him.  In fact, by the time this issue is over there are very few beings that don't get "Sinestroed" by everyone's favorite Korugarian.

Red Lanterns #37 Review

"People don't die because Guy Gardner fights evil. They live."

Red Lanterns #37 ends Charles Soule's run on the series and with his last issue he's tasked with providing a vital chapter in the third act of GodHead while still finding a way to put his personal stamp on his final issue.  With the Red Lantern Corps effectively disbanded Soule provides readers with a satisfying coda that uses Simon Baz to help Guy find some closure and hopefully some much needed inner peace.  The overall arc of this sprawling event gets a dose of hope as well when Baz and Gardner play a vital role in re-arming the ring bearers.

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