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Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #2 Review

"Being magic-dragon food ain't in the cards today"

For the second half of Convergence: Green Lantern Corps the creative team of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis let convention sit in the back seat in favor of letting fun taking the wheel to drive their story towards its conclusion.  Need proof?  Well in this issue Guy Gardner takes on a dragon with nothing more than a baseball bat and a motorcycle and then arm wrestles Hercules (and wins) for his armor!  Knowing that nothing here has any ramifications in the larger Convergence story, Gallaher and Ellis give us an over the top conclusion to a fun limited series.

Star Trek / Green Lantern Issue 2 Solicitation

IDW Publishing has released the solicitation for the second issue of Star Trek / Green Lantern which is set to see publication in August.  IDW will have a number of variant covers for the project.  Here are two of cover images released so far for the second issue and the solicitation information providing some plot details.

Green Lantern August 2015 Solicitations

DC Comics has been releasing some of their solicitation information for books being released in the month of July.  Hal Jordan is meeting up with an old enemy while John Stewart encounters a very familiar face as he and the Green Lantern Corps try to survive being lost and getting back home.  With all the Green Lanterns missing Sinestro's sphere of influence continues to grow - and if the cover is any indication someone has switched sides!

Green Lantern / Green Arrow Getting an Absolute Edition

DC Comics will be releasing an Absolute Edition of the famed Denny O'Neil / Neal Adams run on Green Lantern / Green Arrow in December.  The 368 page book will include stories originally printed in Green Lantern / Green Arrow #76-87, 89 and The Flash #217-219, 226.  This includes all of the "Hard Travelling Heroes" stories and includes the original introduction of John Stewart.

According to Amazon, the Absolute Edition will include additional script and character development pages as well as character sketches.   This edition will sell with an MSRP of $99.99 and is already available for pre-order from Amazon for $89.99.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army Preview

This week readers have an opportunity to preview the launch of the new Green Lantern: The Lost Army series by way of eight page previews that DC is including in their titles both this week and next. The preview can be found in the back of Convergence: Green Arrow #2 as well as for free digitally on Comixology.

The preview shows John Stewart, Kilowog, Arisia, Two-Six and new Lantern Xrill-Vrek waking up and finding themselves a long way from home and in seeming hostile territory.  The eight page story introduces Xrill-Vrek as a "morphic empath", which alters her appearance based on others.

DC Brings on the Bombshells in August

DC Comics has released images of a number of variant covers for August with the returning theme of DC's "Bombshells" - only this time it isn't all about the ladies.  Covers include those for Green Lantern and Sinestro which feature both titular characters.

Convergence: Green Lantern / Parallax #2 Review

"Let me get you through the last part"

I came to an unsettling realization as I read Convergence: Green Lantern / Parallax #2 that made me sit back and really think about myself and how I'd respond in a dire situation like we see Hal and Kyle face as they are pitted against beings from Electropolis.  I'm not a violent person but as I saw both sides forced to battle the other to the death I found that while I'd like to be as naive and idealistic as Kyle, when faced with a situation of having to kill or be killed I'd chose the Parallax View.  It unnerves me a little but in the end if it comes down to protecting my own it's not as difficult of a decision as I thought it should be.

The Podcast of Oa Episode 85

Charging Rings with David Gallaher

Co-hosts Myron Rumsey and Bill Giancoli are joined by Harvey Award winning writer David Gallaher, who along with frequent collaborator Steve Ellis are teaming up for the Convergence: Green Lantern Corps limited series.  David talks about how he sees the triad of Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner and how their group dynamics will lead into an interesting tale set during the days leading up to the DC Comics' infamous Crisis on Infinite Earths event.  David also shares information about other projects, High Moon and The Only Living Boy.

(Note: There are some audio hiccups in this episode due to some connection issues during the interview.)

Green Lantern and Omega Men Preview

This week readers have an opportunity to preview the post-Convergence relaunch of Green Lantern and the launch of The Omega Men by way of eight page previews that DC is including in their titles both this week and next.  The Green Lantern preview can be found in the back of Convergence: The Atom #2 while The Omega Men can be found in the back of Convergence: Batman and Robin #2.  Both previews are also available for free digitally on Comixology.   There will be a preview of Green Lantern; Lost Army later this month.

Flashback Friday - When Green Lantern Went Blind!

Marv Wolfman Redefines Hal Jordan for the '80's

Flashback Fridays shines a light back on some of my favorite Green Lantern stories and moments from the past, prior to Green Lantern's resurgence during the days after Geoff Johns resurrected the Green Lantern Corps in 2004's Green Lantern: Rebirth.  The first installment spotlighted Hal Jordan's appearance in Marvel's Incredible Hulk series and in our second installment we are going to revisit the 1980's in a story which sought to redefine Hal Jordan for a new era.

Convergence Provides A Better Look at Green Lantern

The fourth issue of Convergence, due to release on April 29th, has a variant cover which reveals a better look at Hal Jordan's new wardrobe as well as the identity of Darlene, Hal's new partner.  Darlene, according to Billy Tan's sketches, is the name of Green Lantern's new ship, and possibly it's artificial intelligence if it has one.  Hal's new look definitely has a Jedi Knight / space rogue vibe to it.  Here's a look at the entire variant cover to Convergence #4.

Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1 Review

"I thought it'd be easy: say the oath, save the world"

It's been so long and so many things have changed with regard to DC's continuity that it's very easy to forget how much Guy Gardner went through before emerging as the annoying wild card that is so synonymous with the character today.  While being tormented in the Forbidden Zone Guy witnessed his love, Kari Limbo, fall for Hal Jordan and then upon his release lapsing into a deep coma for many years.  With this week's release of Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1 readers get a chance to revisit an alternate history where Brainiac's dome brings Guy out of his coma rather than the Guardians in a compelling story that explores Guy and his relationships with John Stewart and Hal Jordan.

Star Trek / Green Lantern Issue 1 Solicitation

IDW Publishing has released the initial solicitation for the first issue of Star Trek / Green Lantern which is set to see publication in July.  IDW is launching the event with four different covers plus an additional bonus blank sketch cover.  Artist Garry Brown will be doing one of the variant covers for each issue in the six part series which will all connect together for one giant image.

Here are the four variant covers for the first issue and the solicitation information providing some plot details.

Green Lantern July 2015 Solicitations

DC Comics has begun releasing their July 2015 comics solicitations for their post-Convergence DC Universe.  The Sinestro Corps is making a special appearance in Lobo Annual #1 (written by Sinestro scribe Cullen Bunn) and Hal Jordan is also making an appearance in Section 8.  There's also more details about the previously announced Green Lantern 75th anniversary anthology collection and Deluxe action figure.

DC Comics Marking 75 Years of Green Lantern

July marks the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of Green Lantern and while we don't know the full extent to which DC might honor the characters there are a couple of things already known.  DC has stealthily put a 75th anniversary logo up on a new character page over on the DC Comics website.  Also listed on Amazon.com is a new 400 page hardcover anthology titled Green Lantern: A Celebration of 75 Years which is listed to be getting an September 9, 2015 release date with a $39.99 pre-order price.

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