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Green Lantern: The Animated Series Retrospective, Part 1

The first half of our exclusive conversation with the producers

My apologies for the delay in providing a transcript of the Green Lantern: The Animated Series retrospective episode of The Podcast of Oa. It's a pretty time consuming task, but I'm glad to be able to finally publish the dialog for fans who could not listen to the podcast and wanted more detail than the bullet points that some websites published.  So here is part one of the wonderful conversation we had with series producers Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg. Part two will be published on Monday, April 21st.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #30 Review

Who will pay the price of devotion?

Green Lantern: New Guardians #30 concludes, for now, the story of the Godkillers and X'Hal, essentially postponing any real conclusion to their dispute in favor of Kyle Rayner putting on a god-like display of power which leaves the Guardians cautiously in awe of his ability. The abrupt end of the plot leaves things far from resolved and unfortunately robs the reader of any kind of satisfaction in a storyline which was ripe for a some exploration of religion and faith in favor of putting a bookmark in the story.

Sinestro #1 Review

The Renegade Green Lantern Returns With His Own Ongoing

Fans have been looking forward to writer Cullen Bunn's take on Sinestro since the book was first announced and today we have our chance to get the all important first impression of the new series. Like many first issues Sinestro #1 is a little heavy on the narrative as Bunn helps remind long time Green Lantern readers of the path that Sinestro has been on since his encounter with the First Lantern in Green Lantern #20 while also making sure to provide enough background for a new reader jumping on for the first time.

Green Lantern Corps #30 Review

Durlans 101

Something that's been missing from the most recent story arc has been the motivation behind the actions of the Durlans and the Khund.  Last week in Green Lantern #30 we learned why the Khund have picked up arms against the Green Lanterns for reasons beyond their warlike nature. In Green Lantern Corps #30 writer Van Jensen reveals the secret past connection between the Durlans and the Guardians of the Universe, why they are hell bent to destroy the Corps and just how far they can go to achieve their ends.

The Story Behind Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Producer Giancarlo Volpe Treats GL:TAS Fans

Giancarlo Volpe, Jim Krieg
The response to the release of Green Lantern: The Animated Series on Blu-ray and the show's availability on Netflix has been pretty incredible with the show selling out twice on Amazon.  Our retrospective Podcast of Oa episode with producers Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg has proven to be one of the most listened to of the sixty five podcasts we've recorded and even led to some websites writing articles about the content of the show.  Now Giancarlo Volpe has gone one step farther and is providing fans with some insight into the development of this much loved television series.

Podcast of Oa Episode 65 - DC Infinite

Special Double-sized Episode!

Episode 65 of the Podcast of Oa is a double length discussion covering the most recent issues of the four main Green Lantern comics.  Co-hosts Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey are joined by Ed Grause from the website DC Infinite to talk about the new fan driven DC Comics website and the special partnership between the site and The Podcast of Oa.

Free GL:TAS Theme for Google Chrome

Make your web browser burn bright

To continue the positive Green Lantern: The Animated Series energy created by the the blu-ray release, the series availability on Netflix and the tremendous response from our retrospective episode of The Podcast of Oa, the Blog of Oa has created a custom theme for folks who use Google Chrome as their web browser of choice.

Green Lantern #30 Review

"It ain't always about the math"

In Green Lantern #30 Hal and the Corps take the war to the Khund, but before punches get thrown, power rings get discharged or laser guns get fired both sides are drawn into a different form of conflict resolution that allows both sides of the conflict to see each other in a different light.  Robert Venditti does a super job of opening the issue up on Mogo as Hal leads the Corps in a ceremony to open the new crypts and honor their recent losses with a heartfelt and inspiring speech. Kyle Rayner, whom everyone still believes to be dead, serves as a focal point for Hal's words and it's clear both through Venditti's script and artist Martin Coccolo's pencils that recent events have changed the new Corps leader.

Red Lanterns #29 Review

Hell hath no fury like a Red Lantern Supergirl scorned

Supergirl scribe Tony Bedard told Newsarama that Supergirl's time as a Red Lantern is a chance for the character to grow as she learns that dealing with her pain with rage is not her best choice. There's little doubt that this is not a long lasting change in her status, but while she's got the ring and comes to terms with her inner demons we readers have the great benefit of the opportunities it presents both Bedard and Red Lanterns writer Charles Soule.  Red Lanterns #29 is the first step in Kara's journey where she learns more about her new status quo than she probably wants to, leading Guy Gardner to call on Superman.

Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara Says New Series of DC Movies Coming Soon

DC's film plans to be announced soon

Our friends over at DC Infinite reported today on a new story which comes from a New York Times interview.

Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara in a interview with the New York Times has said that there will be a announcement soon on a new series of DC movies that will include a “Justice League” movie.

      As for DC Entertainment, cross-studio collaboration to make better use of its comic book characters appears to have accelerated considerably since Mr. Tsujihara took over, in part because he eliminated some management layers. (He has not named a chief operating officer and did not replace Mr. Rosenblum and Mr. Robinov, choosing instead to divide up their duties and assume some himself.) Two new television shows are coming to the CW and Fox, including one based on the Flash and another on a young Batman, and a film series will be announced in the near future, Mr. Tsujihara said. It is expected to include a “Justice League” movie.
      Underscoring his aggressive approach to the DC Comics universe, Mr. Tsujihara and Dan Fellman, Warner’s domestic film distribution chief, recently moved the studio’s untitled Batman-Superman movie — a hotly anticipated follow-up to last year’s “Man of Steel” — to a release date in May 2016 previously claimed by Marvel for one of its own films. It created an industry dust-up, and Marvel retaliated with a date change of its own. But the move sent a blunt message: Warner takes a back seat to no one.
It looks like Warner Brothers is finally going to make their film plans known and hopefully along with the movie series we'll finally learn what character Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson will be playing as well as what future Green Lantern has on the big screen.

Source: DC Infinite, NY Times 

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Comes to Netflix

Full series on demand in high definition

It was over a year ago that Turner Broadcasting and Warner Brothers Television announced that DC Nation content, including Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, would be coming to Netflix's streaming service.  That was supposed to have happened by the end of March in 2013 and never did, but flash forward to now and both shows have finally shown up on Netflix's on demand streaming service.  

The shows are available in HD via Netflix, so those who are still waiting to get their copy on blu-ray or haven't had the chance to watch them in high definition now have access to do so. While I already own the series three times over I'm planning on still watching them via Netflix just to get the number of views up there.

Dwayne Johnson Confirms and Details Upcoming DC Movie Role

John Stewart is apparently not in the Rock's future

Rumors have been swirling for some time since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson indicated that playing a DC Comics character was in his future, with most fans casting him as Green Lantern John Stewart and others like myself picturing him more as Black Adam, or even better, as Lobo.  Personally I believe that Hal Jordan needs to get a soft reboot in a Justice League film, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Our friends at DC Infinite have the latest news about the Rock and DC courtesy of a new story on their site from Rob Kitchen.

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