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Green Lantern has the write stuff

Italian pen maker Montegrappha has released a line of fine writing instruments based on a number of DC Comics characters including Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin and Catwoman.  Each pen is made from brass with lacquer finishes and metal clips which are engraved with each character's likeness.  The pen's cap is crowned with the hero or villain's emblem and is available as a fountain pen with steel nib, capped rollerball or twist ball pen.  The pens just may be one of the most expensive items yet, ranging in price from $315-400 depending on the style of pen, available online from Fahrney's Pens.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #37 Review

"Is that Hope I hear?"

With GodHead speeding towards its conclusion next week the pendulum has yet to really begin to swing in the favor the of Lanterns and Highfather, equipped with the Life Equation, seems unbeatable now more than when the story began despite the recent defection of Malhedron in Green Lantern Corps #37.  This week's Green Lantern: New Guardians issue reunites John Stewart and Saint Walker with Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris as they all try to band together to free the rest of the Lantern hostages and defeat Highfather.

Emerald Endings?

DC's March Solicits Signal Big Changes for the Lanternverse

DC's released solicitations for the books being published in March of 2015 have sparked a lot of concern and anxiety from Green Lantern fans.  The news that three out of the five books in the Lantern family were seeing their final issues in March was partially surprising if only for the inclusion of Green Lantern Corps in the list of books being cancelled given that the series has been central to the ongoing narrative of the Green Lantern corner of the universe.  Both Green Lantern: New Guardians and Red Lanterns were both books I fully expected to see reach the end of their runs, partially due to the departure of Justin Jordan but mainly due to the sales numbers for both titles.

Green Lantern March 2015 Solicitations

Big changes are coming to the Lanternverse

DC Comics has released their solicitations for March of 2015 where all the ongoing series are wrapping up their storylines to make way for the company wide Convergence event.  This marks the last issue of Justin Jordan's run on Green Lantern: New Guardians and according to the solicitations, the end of not only the series, but the end of the Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns series as well.  

Little is known about the DC Universe after Convergence, but one thing is for certain - the latnernverse may look very different!

DC's Variant Theme Going to the Movies in March

DC Comics today announced that the March 2015 variant cover theme will be based on iconic movie posters.  For the three Green Lantern books getting variant covers in March the posters take an expected slant towards classic science fiction films, namely Forbidden Planet, Westworld and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Here's a sneak peek at the cover images for the Lantern family of books, plus the Justice League cover which includes Green Lantern.

Green Lantern Corps #37 Review

"I'll show you fierce, ya Poozer!"

GodHead is in the home stretch with four books remaining in which to conclude the struggle between Highfather and the what's left of the ring wielders of the various Corps of the emotional spectrum.  So far this conflict has leaned heavily in the favor of the New Gods, but recent events show that this is far from over.  This week's Green Lantern Corps #37 reveals that not all of Highfather's followers are as devout as we have been led to believe.

Justin Jordan to Depart New Guardians

Writer ends run with issue 40

Justin Jordan has announced that he will be leaving the Green Lantern: New Guardians title with issue 40, set to release in March of 2015.  This lines up perfectly with the break that takes places from April through May for DC's Convergence event which bridges the gap whiles DC's publishing arm completes their moves from New York to Los Angeles.  All writers were asked to conclude their story arcs in time for the line wide event and many have postulated that this will be a point when DC will cancel a number of titles and relaunch others after Convergence ends.
Justin Jordan

Green Lantern #37 Review

"Just you, me, and our fists"

GodHead plunges into the third and final act with this week's Green Lantern #37 as Robert Venditti kicks off the finale by showing us just how trapped John Stewart and his allies are before giving us Orion versus Hal Jordan, round two.  The "Brawl at the Wall" is made all the creepier by the presence of Black Hand, who turns out to be equal parts help and hindrance, especially when he make a startling realization about the Source Wall that might give he and Hal the greatest and most diverse army ever to take on the New Gods.

Sinestro #7 Review

"Who are the children now?"

With a one week delay, today's release of Sinestro #7 brings Act 2 of GodHead to a close by ending with most of our protagonists in a dire predicament thanks to a surprising betrayal.  As we await the arrival of artist Brad Walker on the series DC gives us all an early holiday gift by treating us to an issue featuring the pencils of superstar artist Ethan Van Sciver, supported by Geraldo Borges.  In addition to providing a satisfying conclusion to the second act, writer Cullen Bunn also provides us with some great character moments for Sinestro and Soranik Natu in particular.

The Podcast of Oa Episode 76

GodHead, Episode Three

Our coverage of GodHead, the next big Green Lantern event which features the first major appearance of the New 52 version of the New Gods, continues with episode 76 of The Podcast of Oa.  In this episode we begin our conversation of Act 2 taking part in Green Lantern #36, Green Lantern Corps #36 and Green Lantern: New Guardians #36.  We also discuss some listener feedback, Myron gives a hint at what's included in the 2014 Larfleeze List for Green Lantern fans and we share what we are thankful for this holiday season.

Red Lanterns #36 Review

"They are not as different as they like to pretend"

Act Two of GodHead follows the theme of personal exploration, and in this week's Red Lanterns #36 it's all about Guy Gardner as writer Charles Soule reveals the toll that living the hard life has taken on Guy.  Like in the other books in the Lantern family there needs to be a foil for the lead character to play off of and here Simon Baz serves as the agent to peel the layers off of Guy's psyche to portray Gardner as someone who's tired of losing those who have fought by his side while he himself lives to suffer the regret.

The 2014 Larfleeze Gift Guide

The 2014 holiday season is just about to begin and no doubt you might be worried about what to buy for the Green Lantern fan in your life or what to put on your Christmas list if you're a member of the Corps.  Green Lantern fans deserve the very best, so we spared no expense and risk of personal injury in sneaking into Larfleeze's lair to take a gander of what's on the top of his mile long gift list this year. And if you don't know who Larfleeze is and why his list is so long, have no fear - you don't need to know any of that to be able to get something great for the ring slinger in your life!  We've even taken care of some of the shopping for you by providing hot links when possible to where you can buy them online, but remember to support your local comic shop if you have one!

More Convergence Green Lantern News

More information continues to surface regarding DC's Convergence event, the two month run of stories designed to bridge the gap while their offices move from New York to Los Angeles.  As previously noted, the '90's will be revisited in a Kyle Rayner/Hal Jordan Parallax story, but in addition a second Green Lantern book has been announced via Newsarama.  Simply titled Green Lantern Corps, the David Gallaher story will feature Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner together in a struggle to save Gotham City.  Steve Ellis and Ande Parks will provide the art duties.  Here's the story description and a sample page of the art.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #36 Review

"I cannot promise that this will be comfortable"

Green Lantern: New Guardians #36 serves as the exact midpoint to GodHead so it's fitting that in this issue we get what may be the turning point of this sprawling three month long event as we pick up the story on New Genesis and the arrival of Highfather, Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris.  Writer Justin Jordan plays with our perceptions of the leader of the New Gods as we see once more a darker side which convolutes any notion we have that Highfather is ultimately a benevolent being, something which may server to alienate long time New Gods fans.

Green Lantern Returns to the Justice League

Geoff Johns has said in the past that a "Green Lantern" proper would be a part of the Justice League down the road, and today in an exclusive interview with IGN the writer once again confirmed that a Green Lantern would be returning, hinting that it would be Hal Jordan since no other Green Lantern has been a part of the team since the launch of the new DC Comics continuity.  Here's an excerpt from the interview:

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