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Green Lantern: Rebirth, A Ten Year Retrospective

There are milestone comic book stories that define characters, that define whole eras in the minds of comic book readers due to the impact they have and the impressions they leave.  Since 1959's Showcase #22, which established the modern definition of what a Green Lantern is, there's been plenty of stories such as the famous Denny O'Neil / Neal Adams run which have served as milestones in the history of the DC's greatest cosmic mythology.  October of 2014 marks the ten year anniversary of Green Lantern: Rebirth, the starting point of perhaps the most commercially and critically successful period for the Green Lantern mythology so far.

Red Lanterns #35 Review

"I keep the ring so I WON'T forget"

Having just completed a major arc and then immediately taking part in Futures End, the Red Lanterns title hasn't had a chance to explore the ramifications of the war with Atrocitus.  With this week's issue 35, writer Charles Soule is tasked with trying to provide readers with an issue which provide some sort of satisfying wrap up to his previous arc while still seeming to fit in with the new GodHead event.  

Funko Launching DC Mystery Figure Line

Funko will be launching a vinyl mystery figure campaign featuring DC Comics characters starting in January of 2015 as part of their "mystery mini" line.  The initial lineup of characters for the first wave includes seventeen characters, some being repaints of other figures.  Hal Jordan appears in the lineup as both a Green Lantern and a White Lantern and Batman's repainted figure is also a White Lantern variation.

The Podcast of Oa Episode 74

GodHead, Episode 1

Strap yourselves in for the next three months as we begin our coverage of GodHead, the next big Green Lantern event which features the first major appearance of the New 52 version of the New Gods.  Co-hosts Myron Rumsey and Bill Giancoli use this first episode to provide a little history about the New Gods before jumping into their coverage of the first three issues in the story.  Myron is surprised by how quickly Highfather gets his hands on the power rings and both he and Bill comment on how handily they defeat the ring bearers.

Green Lantern January 2015 Solicitations

DC Comics has released their solicitation information for comics which will be released in January of 2015.  January is Flash variant cover month and you can find a rundown of the Green Lantern family variant covers here.  With a new year comes new storylines with GodHead wrapping up in December.  January finds the Lantern family of books once again plotting their own individual courses and coming to terms with the events which have taken their toll on the human lanterns.  John Stewart also gets a much needed retelling of his origin in the pages of this month's Secret Origins.  Landry Walker takes over Red Lanterns from Charles Soule and Brad Walker replaces Dale Eaglesham on the Sinestro title, with Diogenes Neves assuming the art duties on Green Lantern: New Guardians.

January is Flash Variant Cover Month

Celebrating 75 years of the Scarlet Speedster

You never know what theme DC Comics is going to choose on any given month for their variant covers.  Following December's Darwyn Cooke month will be a celebration of the Flash's 75th anniversary, not to mention his great success on television.  Three books from the Green Lantern family are included in the selection of covers and includes art by Ethan Van Sciver, Doug Mahnke and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Photos courtesy of Comic Book Resources and Hitfix.

Brad Walker to Change Titles

Artist Brad Walker, who has been doing a spectacular job on Green Lantern: New Guardians, announced via Twitter this afternoon that this week's issue 35 was his last on the series.  While this is certainly unfortunate news, the good news is that he will be joining Cullen Bunn on the Sinestro series starting with issue 9. 

Green Lantern: New Guardians #35 Review

"You Were Supposed to be Better"

After last week's action packed Green Lantern Corps #35 writer Justin Jordan dials the fisticuffs down a little bit to provide some needed plot development.  Green Lantern: New Guardians #35 provides the reader with the first encounter between Highfather and Kyle Rayner, but not until after Kyle and Carol learn that the New Guardians aren't so different from their brothers when it comes to holding back information to steer others in the direction they feel serves the greater good. 

Green Lantern Returning to Big Screen in 2020

Warner Brothers Releases DC Comics Film Slate

DC Comics fans have been waiting for some time for Warner Brothers to (finally) release their film schedule with regards to the DC film universe.  Today CEO Kevin Tsujihara answered the call by revealed that there are ten films planned between now and 2020, including two Justice League films and another Green Lantern solo film rather than the Flash / Green Lantern buddy film that was rumored this past June.   The ten films announced do not include unscheduled Batman and Superman films.

The Podcast of Oa Episode 73

Back to the Futures End

Charge your ring up to 1.21 gigawatts and form your DeLorean construct and join us as we got Back to the Futures End with episode 73 of the Podcast of Oa. Your Green Lantern-y co-hosts Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey go back to September's releases which jump five years into the future where we see the potential fates of your favorite ring bearers. We discuss all five of the Green Lantern family books this episode as a precursor to next week's episode 74 when we start our three month coverage of the Green Lantern / New Gods event, GodHead. 

Geoff Johns and the Green Loontern Join Lego Batman 3

TT Games and Warner Brothers Interactive are pulling out all the stops with the upcoming Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham video game.  As the November 11th release date approaches the studios are releasing more and more information about the every increasing number of characters that gamers will be able to play.  Building up to this weekend's New York Comic-Con real life celebrities like Conan O'Brien and Kevin Smith have been revealed in their lego-ized glory as has an Arrow themed DLC pack to go along with the show's star, Stephen Amell, as the voice of Green Arrow.

Green Lantern Corps #35 Review

"You must be the Lanterns of Green"

The New Gods are proving to be far more than any ring wielders can handle regardless of the color they command, and in this week's Green Lantern Corps #35 John Stewart and his team encounter the New Genesis version of Thor when they discover what happened on Aydin, the universe's most populated planet.  Writer Van Jensen provides an energetic script for an action packed issue that serves as the third chapter in the first act of GodHead and introducing a new member of the New Gods.

Green Lantern #35 Review

"Smile for the camera, scumbag"

GodHead starts out with a double feature with the dual release of Green Lantern / New Gods: GodHead #1 and Green Lantern #35 and having the first two parts of the story released simultaneously was definitely beneficial for both books.  Writer Robert Venditti takes the baton for this three month marathon even and provides some much needed characterization for some of the New Gods while cashing in on the work he has done to mold Hal Jordan into a true leader of the Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern/New Gods: GodHead #1 Review

"They know not the power they wield"

Jack Kirby is a tough act to follow but the writers for the Green Lantern family of books have accepted the challenge to re-define Kirby's New Gods for a different era and a different multiverse with GodHead, a three month long event running through all five books in the Lantern corner of the DC universe.  In what is no doubt the biggest story since Geoff Johns departure, GodHead makes an incredible first impression with today's kickoff issue.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Trailer

Warner Brothers Animation has released the first trailer for the upcoming Justice League: Throne of Atlantis direct to video animated feature. Throne of Atlantis is a follow up to Justice League: War and loosely adapts the Geoff Johns' penned story arc. Jason O'Mara, Christopher Gorham, Sean Astin, Shemar Moore and Steven Blum reprise their respected roles from Justice League: War, while Nathan Fillion reprises his role as Green Lantern / Hal Jordan from Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Justice League: Doom and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

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