Green Lantern #45 Review

"I'll NEVER get to play with d-dead stuff again"

Black Hand was re-introduced to a new generation of readers on the pages of Green Lantern: Rebirth and in the eleven years since has become one of the most prominent members of Green Lantern's rogue gallery.  He's become an even greater threat during Robert Venditti's tenure and now, with the source wall merged with his abilities, the universe is in a perilous situation.  Enter Hal Jordan in this week's Green Lantern #45 as he tries to prevent Hand from reaching Earth and destroying it with his "Medusa Touch".

Hal Jordan Appears on "Arrow"

It was the briefest of cameos, a faceless man wearing a bomber jacket with the name "Jordan" on it, but it was the closest thing we've gotten to seeing Green Lantern in the DC TV universe during tonight's fourth season premiere episode of Arrow.  The producers have said that we won't get to see Green Lantern and if that is the case then tonight was the worst kind of tease to give a Lantern fan.

Cartoon Network Confirms New Justice League Animated Series

There have been rumors swirling for months now about a new Justice League animated series but until now they have been just rumors.  This morning James Harvey from The World's Finest provided the first real concrete piece of information about the series, a Twitter response from Cartoon Network Canada acknowledging that a series will debut their but not until the fall of 2016.  This makes real sense considering the calendar placement of Warner Brothers Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and first Justice League motion picture.

Green Lantern Annual #4 Review

"It's safer to have the bad guys be afraid of you"

As comic book readers we've come to think of annuals as over-sized issues which serve as a bookend as either the first or final act of a major story event.  It doesn't always turn out to be that way and in the case of Green Lantern Annual #4 that certainly is the case.  Writer Robert Venditti's script is first and foremost a Hal Jordan character piece which doesn't drive the ongoing narrative on in a significant way, although it does provide some much needed background on the Gray Agents.

Robert Venditti Talks Sonar and Valiant Comics

Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti appeared at the 2015 Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend and was kind enough to give us some of this time to talk about the upcoming return of Sonar as an antagonist for Hal Jordan.  Robert was a guest of Valiant Entertainment and he discusses the ongoing Book of Death story as well as his next big project for the  publisher, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior. You can watch our interview with Robert below.

The Increasing Cost of Fandom

Editorial - Tainting the interaction between creator and fan

At the age of 51 I attended one of  my first "big" comic conventions at this past weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con, a statement which may surprise many.  But, given my geographical location and the significant financial investment it takes for me to go to the big shows it's just more realistic for me to attend the number of smaller, more intimate shows which are sprinkled around the upstate New York region.  At those shows I've never paid for an autograph but in Baltimore I saw the trend which is drawing a line between the fan and the creator and became a topic of conversation at the show, in social media and touched upon by The Bleeding Cool.  

Tom King Talks Omega Men

Tom King, writer of The Omega Men, appeared at the 2015  Baltimore Comic-Con this past weekend and was kind enough to give us some of this time to talk about the roller coaster ride that the title has been on given the recent decision by DC Comics to cancel the series only to days later "un-cancel" it.   I asked Tom about how all of this has impacted the story he's telling as well as his process as a whole.  You can watch our interview with Tom below.

Ethan Van Sciver Back for More Sinestro Duty

Artist Ethan Van Sciver was on hand at this past weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con and he was kind enough to give me some time in between doing sketches, signing books and drawing commissions.  After chatting for a few minutes about his recent work on Sinestro #15, Ethan mentioned that he is also drawing October's issue 16, previously solicited with art by Brad Walker.  
Ethan's detailed work always shines whenever he returns to the Green Lantern universe and I'm hopeful we see more in the future...

Sinestro #15 Review

"At long last the universe belongs to the Sinestro Corps!"

The Green Lantern corner of the DC Universe continues to get shaken to its core.  With the Green Lanterns missing and Sinestro employing agents to remove remnants of the rest of the ring bearers it was only a matter of time before Saint Walker ended up in the crosshairs.  Fortunately for the last remaining Blue Lantern he may not suffer the same fate at the hands of Lobo as others have.  In fact Lobo shockingly added two significant heads to his trophy room on the pages of his solo series this month before showing up in this week's Sinestro #15.

Green Lantern: Architects of the Modern Age

The Men Who Restored the Mythos 
The Tenth in a Series Examining Green Lantern History

Throughout the summer we have been celebrating the 75th anniversary of Green Lantern's first appearance via a series of features each of which focuses on the characters and creators who had a lasting impact on the rich history of Green Lantern mythology.   This final installment focuses on the creators who left their mark on the Green Lantern universe during the Modern Age.

The Omega Men Gets a Reprieve

With the recent revelation that a number of DC Comics titles are facing cancellation in December some fans have taken to social media to protest DC reneging on their statement that the "DCYou" limited series would run a full twelve issues.  Perhaps the greatest source of discontent has centered on "The Omega Men" and today co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio let fans know that their voices have been heard and the series has been officially "uncancelled".  Hopefully the series will get a boost in sales that reflects the number of people who've asked for the series to continue and will reinforce why publishers are right to listen to the fans.

The Podcast of Oa Episode 91

Charging Rings with Mike Johnson

Episode 91 of The Podcast of Oa is set to boldly go where no Green Lantern podcast has gone before when Mike Johnson joins the show.  Myron Rumsey talks with Johnson about his latest project, IDW's Star Trek / Green Lantern limited series, where two of the greatest science fiction franchises of all time finally share the same page.

Myron also comments further on the recent news that Green Lantern: The Lost Army is ending after November's sixth issue and mentions that he's looking for Green Lantern fans to join  him at the 2015 Baltimore Comic Con to be interviewed for the Blog of Oa YouTube channel.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #4 Review

"We haven't bothered to explore the more difficult options"

Green Lantern: The Lost Army has been in a lot of headlines on comic book sites with the recent revelation that the series would be concluding in November after six issues.  That being said, this week's fourth issue does move the overall plot forward in a significant way and fulfills Cullen Bunn's promise that not everyone would make it out of this story alive.  Death is death even when it comes to the most minor of characters and in this case one of the first recruits from Robert Venditti's run meets his end.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army cancelled

Conspicuously missing from the solicitations for DC's December Green Lantern books was Green Lantern: The Lost Army.  Reaching out to writer Cullen Bunn he confirmed to me that the series has been cancelled as of issue 6, essentially ending the series prematurely before Bunn can finish the story he had planned.  At this time he indicated that he does not know what plans DC has for the characters but hopes he can be involved in some way so that the story can be concluded in a way that is in keeping with his original story.

Green Lantern December 2015 Solicitations

There are big shakeups in DC Comics catalog with a number of series being cancelled in December due to disappointing sales results.  Among them is Lobo which wraps up with the serie's thirteenth issue featuring an appearance by Hal Jordan, and The Omega Men which is forced to conclude several issues early.  Missing in DC's solicitations is Green Lantern: The Lost Army, which we now know is cancelled as of issue six.  December also serves as the conclusion to IDW's Star Trek / Green Lantern crossover.

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