GL Movie Set Photos and More Casting News

Since filming began this week we've had a flurry of activity including first photos posted of the filming taken by fans who visited the filming location.  Some of the news is very exciting and the photos bring into sharp realization that this movie is actually happening.

Jenna Craig via IMDB
First off, we have some casting news.  While we know that Blake Lively is portraying the grown up Carol Ferris and Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan, until now we had no confirmation of who would be playing their younger versions if indeed there would be scenes showing the death of Martin Jordan.  The first draft had those scenes but the casting of eleven year old Jenna Craig as the younger Carol Ferris cements the notion that we will be seeing the event that drives Hal to be who he is.

At first glance there's concern that both Jenna and Blake are blonds, leading us to wonder if Carol would be a blond in the film.  Those fears can be put aside once you see the set photos below!  Nothing yet on who will be the younger version of Hal.

Jay O. Sanders standing on his mark.
Jay O. Sanders was photographed outside the Old Point Bar, the site of the first location shooting that took place yesterday and today.  Sanders has a long resume of television and movie appearances and it is unknown at this point what his role is in the film.  The first draft of the film didn't include any bar scenes at all so who Sanders is supposed to be is a complete mystery.  One hunch is that he could be a character in the film referred to as "Pipe".  Personally, as much as this character was kind of neat to read about in the screenplay, I felt that the character didn't add anything to the film and I think it would be quite hokey to say the least if it's used.  So I hope that he's some other character entirely.  The photo to the right and all the other set photos were posted on the Comic Book Movie website.  I'm not going to reprint every photo they've put up, so please visit their site to see their pictures in their entirety.

John Stewart?

Another person seen in their photos is Nick Jones.  Not much is known about Jones, but he twittered that he was at the "Broome's Bar" location shooting a bar scene.  He later posted the photo on the left on his Twitter feed of Ryan Reynolds and himself. 

Jones says he has a small role in the film as an ex-Marine.  That information and the location leads many people to believe that Jones is going to be a John Stewart Easter Egg.  My hope is that perhaps some of "Emerald Dawn" has been excised and some of the elements of "Secret Origin" have been happily added during the rewriting process.  Hopefully this is a sign of Geoff Johns' influence and a good omen that Johns has been able to excise some of sillier aspects of the first draft.  (Dear God, if you exist, please make sure that someone got rid of that pathetically silly ring recharge in the final act!) 

Another behind the scenes picture that appeared on the Comic Book Movie site is one of Reynolds and Lively outside the bar.  While Lively's back is to the camera, the photographer assured everyone that it is indeed Lively.  So she's either wearing a wig or her hair has been dyed to match Carol's hair coloring and we can breathe a sigh of relief at one little bullet dodged!

It's hard to say from the picture if this was something being filmed at the time or if Reynolds and Lively were just relaxing between takes.  Either way I have to say as a Green Lantern fan of some thirty five years this is just about the most exciting thing I've seen so far because it really solidifies for me that I'm finally going to get to see a Green Lantern movie in my lifetime.

Of course it's only the most exciting thing for a few sentences until you take a close look at the next photo on the left.  Ryan Reynolds is seen here holding a coffee mug, but take a close look at his right hand and you'll see something green on that middle finger!

This makes my day and will probably be the greatest thing until we see pics of Reynolds in the Green Lantern uniform.

Stay tuned as I will continue to scour the net and bring all the news I find about the movie to the Blog of OA.

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