Manhunters and Saint Walker to Appear in GL Animated Series

It was previously reported that Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns feature heavily into the overall story of the upcoming Green Lantern animated series, however the guys over at Comics Continuum have a story out today that includes the statements that the Manhunters and Saint Walker will appear in the first season the show, which is set to kickoff on the Cartoon Network with a two-part episode/movie scheduled for November of 2011.  

The Continuum reports that voice recording has been underway for some time, which makes sense given that Robert Englund stated that he had recorded some voice work for the show back in September.  Producer Bruce Timm made a number of comments at the New York Comic Con that also line up with this new report in that the CG show will feature stylized character design and that Sinestro isn't likely to appear in the show during the first season, and certainly  not as a villain if he did.  Concept art and leaked test footage confirms that the designs are an amalgam of Bruce Timm's familiar style and The Incredibles.

Source: Comics Continuum
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