Exclusive Toys R Us Green Lantern Figure Re-Offered

Over the weekend we learned that Toys R Us had canceled all orders for the exclusive Green Lantern early bird figure based on production issues and not being able to meet the shipping date.  This morning the figure is back up on their website for pre-order with an estimated shipping date of February 25th - the same date as the original offer.  Whether this is a mistake or the production issue has been resolved is unknown.

So get your order in now here and let's hope this is the last hiccup with the release of this figure. 

Update:  The figure is no longer available on the Toys R Us website, meaning that either the figure has sold out or it has been canceled again.  No one  has reported getting a cancellation email, so here's to hoping it was just immensely popular.
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  1. I just got off from a very unsatisfying phone call with a supervisor from toysrus.com. According to her, she was not aware that the figure had been re-listed on the website, nor that no one who had previously ordered the figure was not notified of the re-listing.

    She could not give any specifics, only that fewer than the promised number of figures would be available for the release date, and there was no indication from the manufacturer when or if more would become available.

    Basically, if you ordered, had it canceled, and were unable to re-order, you're hosed. They best they can offer you is 20% off your next order and free shipping. Whoopee.

  2. Just got off the phone with a rep from Mattel, who is going to see what information she can provide concerning the figure. Will update as able.

  3. This figure is now back ordered until the beginning of April......sigh.

  4. wow Im happy to have your site because i have been wondering for a while now why my figure had not shipped and apparently at this point i have to assume im never getting it. and toys r us wonders why it loses more customers every day.