Green Lantern Movie Makes a Splash at CinemaCon

Blake Lively at today CinemaCon event
Today was the day that Warner Brothers had the floor to present their slate of 2011 films with two high profile films in the last installment of the Harry Potter series and Green Lantern. Blake Lively was on hand to get her award and she brought ten minutes of film from the movie with her.  Photos taken of Lively reveal a new Green Lantern logo may be used for the film.

After the panel let out a number of tweets from people like comic book artist Kevin Maguire and editors from major film sites like Collider and Slash Film indicate that the film has come a long way since the first trailer back in November.   Only one negative reaction has been found, someone comparing the film to Howard the Duck, but this is not a credible source given some of the tweets found on his account. 

Alex Billington from provided the following description:

We saw 4 scenes. First was Abin-Sur piloting his ship and being attacked by Parallax - was awesome. Then he ends up on Earth, next scene was Hal talking with Abin while he was dying. Scene seemed choppy, but he gives him ring. Next was him saying oath for the first time, then he goes to Oa immediately. Then we see him talking with Tomar-Re on Oa with Geoffrey Rush's voice and a GREAT looking very 'alive' CGI costume that looks MUCH better than the first trailer. Then we saw Sinestro addressing the Green Lantern Corps down in the core of Oa. Not fully finished but was great. Lots of other alien GLs seen there as there's a huge crowd of thousand of GLs and lots that people will totally geek out about. Won't spoil which ones. That was it plus a little montage of extra footage. I think it looks awesome, way way more excited than I was before this. Expect to see all of this footage at WonderCon, as it seemed hand picked for Green Lantern fans.

One other piece of information coming off of tweets about the presentation is that people attending WonderCon this weekend will be treated to the same ten minutes of footage that the people at CinemaCon have seen today.  No one has yet reported any additional official casting announcements confirming Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-Re or Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowog.

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