Will the War of the Green Lanterns Make the Status not Quo?

One of the things I love to do when reading comics is speculate about what is going to happen, or who the shadowy figure is behind the curtain, and I've had a lot of fun doing just that during Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern.  Sometimes I get it right, but more often than not I don't - and usually what actually happens is much, much cooler than I ever anticipated it would be.  The recent return of Krona, for example, has so much more dramatic potential, especially when combined with the "history of the Green Lantern Corps as we've never known it" backstory, than the return of Appa Ali Apsa or an Avarice consumed version of Sayd.  With the War of the Green Lanterns into its third chapter there has been plenty of fodder provided for fans to ponder the outcome for a story which promises to focus on the four Earth men wearing the rings.  Given some of the clues being dropped, we could be looking at an arc that really will change the Green Lantern universe as we know it.

There are some tantalizing pieces of information that seem to form a case for some major changes to the status quo of the Green Lantern corner of the DC Universe following the current story arc.  First and foremost is a bit dialogue attached to a vision Hal had back in Green Lantern #62 where a Guardian says, "Hal Jordan was once the greatest Green Lantern, but in the wake of this war, he is now the most dangerous.  More dangerous than ever with the loss of one of the Lanterns of Sector 2814."  That certainly leads one to believe that Hal will emerge from this event changed in some way and that one of the three remaining Green Lanterns' from Earth will die.  Although that could also imply that the person has simply left the Corps or joined another.

How will the war change Hal Jordan?

The next bit of information is something that Geoff Johns said at Wondercon, that someone would wield the rings of all the colors of the spectrum.  Combine that with Hal Jordan's having worn several of the rings already, the comment about him being the most dangerous and the recent development in Green Lantern #64 with Hal now possessing all of the rings and it would be easy to think that Hal Jordan will at some point be the person that Geoff alluded to.  How long that would last could be anywhere from a single panel to the foreseeable future and with Johns steering the Green Lantern ship there's no telling.

With all four Earth Green Lanterns needing a new power source and Hal just so having those power rings in his pocket it isn't a real stretch to think that they will make use of them to take on Krona in coming issues.  With the green ring off limits it's pretty easy to think that Guy Gardner will put the red ring on again given that he has that power still in him.  And it's also easy to see Kyle wearing the blue ring given the possible hint of Ganthet's comment that Kyle was the best hope for the Corps during Emerald Twilight back in Green Lantern Corps #58.  I don't see John or Hal wearing the violet ring, leaving John and Hal with orange, yellow and indigo to choose from.  With orange being such a corrupting influence I think we'll see Hal once again wear the Sinestro Corp Ring.  As for John, way back during the Secret Origin arc, Green Lantern #29 specifically, you can see what might be some clever foreshadowing.  If you look at John's arm in the bar scene his marine patch looks very much like the Indigo Tribe logo, so I'm saying that's what he'll adopt.

The cover of Aftermath #1
 Most notably absent from the post War solicitations is Kyle Rayner, with John Stewart and Guy Gardner gracing the covers of Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors.  Also missing is a Green Lantern issue for the month of July which, combined with the recently announced Aftermath title, is an indicator that something major is about to happen.  The knee jerk reaction is that Kyle Rayner is about to be killed off.  While I'd be among the first to say that he's my least favorite of the four, I certainly hope that if this is the plan that it is well executed and that Kyle, and his fans, are given something special in the way it is handled. 

I remember all too well the days following Emerald Twilight and the poor way that DC staff dealt with the percentage of the fan base who felt disenfranchised by the handling of Hal's exit - it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me personally and the reason why I left the hobby for the better part of a decade.  The last thing I want is a return to the days of message board wars after so much has been done to repair the damage done, especially when we are in what is undoubtedly the most successful era of the character.

The mystery of the Sinestro figure
Lastly we have the image from an upcoming set of Green Lantern action figures included in the July solicitations.  Blacked out is the profile of the new Sinestro figure - an unusual choice considering DC Direct already released a Sinestro figure.  If this is just another Sinestro figure then there would be no reason to black out the image - that is unless he's not wearing the same outfit we've grown accustomed too for the past several years.  There has also been a very interesting ad on DC's website which teases that there will be a new Green Lantern in Sector 2814.  Could it be that the statement that Sinestro was the greatest Green Lantern of all time, and would be again have been a foretelling of Sinestro being chosen to succeed either a dead Kyle Rayner or a super-charged Hal Jordan?  I'm betting that it will indeed be Sinestro wearing a Green Lantern ring once again in the aftermath of the war.

Geoff Johns - Mad Genius and Cereal Killer!
 The dots all seem to connect to these conclusions, but history shows that sometimes what appears to be obvious is so because the information given makes these conclusions the ones that fit the clues they choose for you to see.  Do we draw these conclusions because they are the ones that DC wants us to think, or have they not been as good at keeping their cards as close to their vest as they used to?  I tend to think the former, but all I really know for sure are two things.  The first is that I'm really happy to be a Green Lantern fan right now.  The second is that, while I don't know Geoff Johns, I do know he's one really sneaky bastard and no matter what happens it's going to be one hell of a ride!

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