Best Buy to Offer Steelbook Edition of Green Lantern

In the United States big box electronics retailer Best Buy seems to be the only store chain offering any type of exclusive for the October 14th release of the Green Lantern movie on home video.  In their advertisement for the week they have included a steelbook exclusive edition of the extended edition.  Strangely they aren't offering a steelbook edition for the 3D release which could have adverse results for the 3D format which has struggled to gain momentum for fans who want the metal case.  The steelbook edition will also be available in several European markets as well.

The steelbook edition will be on sale this week at U.S. Best Buy retail stores and online for $22.99.
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  1. I went to my local Best Buy to get the metal case & the first thing I noticed is that the big display in the front of the store was nearly picked clean! Anyway I asked about the metal case dvd & the employee told me that those were only available by pre-order!
    I knew he was clueless & sure enough I found ONE left on a shelf in the back of the store. SCORE!!!