Green Lantern Animated Series to Get DVD Release in August

Warner Home Video has released initial information for a new two-disc DVD collection of the first thirteen Green Lantern: The Animated Series episodes.  The new release, titled “Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Season One, Part One: Rise of the Red Lanterns”  is scheduled to be released on August 28th, 2012.  The collection will retail with an SRP of $19.97   Warner Brothers also released a trade ad in support of the home video release, shown at right (click on the image to zoom in).  There is no information available about a high definition blu-ray release however Warners Home Video seems to have adopted a DVD only strategy to keep the price point lower so it would be surprising to see anything beyond a DVD collection.
Episode List
Beware My Power…Green Lantern’s Light (Part One) 
Beware My Power…Green Lantern’s Light (Part Two) 
Razer’s Edge 
Ghost in the Machine 
Heir Apparent 
Lost Planet 
Nothing to Fear 
…In Love and War 
Regime Change 
Flight Club 
To promote all of their upcoming animated series DVD releases Warner Brothers has also produced at promotional trailer.

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