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Episode 95 of The Podcast of Oa features conversation about all of the Green Lantern comics that came out in November of 2015.  Co-hosts Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey talk about Hal Jordan's return to Earth in Green Lantern #46 and the return of the classic Green Lantern villain, Sonar.   Myron also shares his experience guest starring on fellow Green Lantern podcast, The LanternCast, for special episode on the state of the Green Lantern universe.

Myron also discusses this years Larfleeze Gift List for those who want suggestions on Green Lantern presents for the holidays as well as recent rumors swirling about the Internet with regard to the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film.  He also talks about a reliable source giving him information on the upcoming Justice League Action animated series.

Comic talk continues with coverage of Justice League: The Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1, a story Myron considers the best Green Lantern story told since Geoff Johns left the franchise.   Bill and Myron share their views on the final issue of Green Lantern: The Lost Army, hoping that the story will carry forward into Green Lantern: Edge of Oblivion with a smooth transition.    After talking about Sinestro #17 the co-hosts share an email that arrived from a Green Lantern fan from Russia.

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Show Notes
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:45 GL News / The LanternCast / Larfleeze List
00:16:25 Green Lantern #46
00:30:08 Justice League: Darkseid War Green Lantern #1
00:41:01 Green Lantern: The Lost Army #6
00:52:43 Sinestro #17
01:05:57 Listener Feedback
01:09:57 Closing

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About Myron Rumsey

Life long Green Lantern fan and co-host of the Podcast of Oa.  I'm a Barbecue snob and aficionado of blues music.  Hal Jordan is my co-pilot!


  1. Hi Myron,
    I've been listening to all the back episodes of the Podcast, and I'm almost caught up (finally!). Listening to this episode, I was enjoying the discussion of the GL: Darkseid War oneshot, and in particular the question of Hal's religion. I actually recently bought the issue on your recommendation, and agree with your assessment.

    Anyway, I had to chuckle with Bill at his comment about you thinking he'd be an authority on the religious question, but then thought that I'd leave a comment, because I actually know (at least potentially) what the answer to your question is.

    As to Hal having a Catholic father and a Jewish mother, and what that makes Hal, the answer is oddly complicated, and yet in the final analysis, Bill's "both" is probably accurate.

    In Catholic tradition, the parents commit to raising their child Catholic as part of the Catholic marriage vows and whatnot. If Martin and Jessica had a Catholic wedding and followed through on that commitment (despite Jessica herself not being Catholic), Hal would have been baptised and therefore be a Catholic (though perhaps not a practising one--though as a devout Catholic, I'd love it if he would! ;-) ).

    On the other hand, and particularly in terms of the ethnic side of Judaism (i.e., as a race, rather than a religion, per se), Jewishness is reckoned as coming from the mother's side, especially in a mixed marriage such as Hal's parents'. Therefore, Hal is at least ethnically Jewish. As far as the religious side of that, the question becomes--like with the Catholic possibility and baptism--was Hal circumcised by a Rabbi at a Bris ceremony?

    So the questions of Hal's religious identity begins with the question of whether he was baptised Catholic or circumcised Jewish (or both?).

    Of course, ultimately what religion Hal is depends on his own choice(s) as he grew up. Did he receive the sacrament of Confirmation if he was raised Catholic? Did he continue to live according to Church precepts, or would he be a lapsed Catholic? On the other hand, did he have a bar mitzvah, and continue to live according to Jewish laws and customs such as keeping kosher?

    The article at has a pretty thorough discussion of the question (and is where Tom King stated that he got the Catholic Dad/Jewish Mom idea and decided to make it canon), and it ultimately concludes that however Hal was raised, his role as a Green Lantern fills the place of religious affiliation in his life.