Jessica Cruz to Become a Green Lantern

DC Comics has been teasing fans all week about some of the changes regarding their Rebirth campaign ahead of their big reveal at this weekend's WonderCon.  Today they released a short video (which you can check out below) which shows Jessica Cruz, the current Power Ring, in a Green Lantern uniform followed by the word "power".

Immediate fan reaction is not surprisingly mixed to say the least, with many fans concerned about the already crowded field of ring bearers from Earth and the amount of panel time they will get.  That's a fair concern considering DC is publishing only two Green Lantern titles.  Sure they are both twice monthly books but the field has gotten a little too crowded to do justice to them all.  There's also the Justice League to consider and Jessica could be the Green Lantern representation for how that team looks post-Darkseid War, or she could be a part of Titans.

A screen capture from today's video

There's also another thing consider......are we going to see some members of the Corps that hail from Earth not make it back from Oblivion?  Does Kyle not come back into the Lantern family when all is said and done in The Omega Men?  

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  1. Huh. So Cruz's is the new main GL for now, or just on the JL? I guess it makes sense considering Johns' has being using and building her up to this point, and of course she hits the diversity mark, so there's that. Wait and see I guess.

    1. I wouldn't say she's either at this point - she could just but a GL representative in Titans. Frankly, I don't see her carrying a book by herself or co-starring with Simon Baz.

  2. Well it looks like she's not as here and Baz both are repping the Corps in JL after all.