David Goyer Teaming up for Green Lantern Corps

In an exclusive report by Deadline today we have finally gotten some concrete news on the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie.  According to their information Dark Knight series and Batman v Superman screen writer David Goyer will be joined by Justin Rhodes in writing the film's script.  The movie is said to be based on a story by Goyer and Geoff Johns.  Ironically the movie is being described as Lethal Weapon is space, a concept I promoted nearly three years ago in an editorial about who should wear the ring in the Justice League movie.

David Goyer
Green Lantern Corps will center on Hal Jordan and John Stewart and will be based on an origin story.  Whether this is going to be built around the Geoff Johns' "Secret Origin" story or not remains to be seen as this story didn't include Stewart's role as a Green Lantern.  Casting news is still on the horizon and the Deadline article makes allusions to Ryan Reynolds, questioning whether or not Warner Brother would be engaging with him to return to the role of Hal Jordan.  While Reynolds had an agreement to appear in a sequel that deal is likely expired by now and the studio may want to distance this film from the 2011 box office disappointment.

Despite what anyone's opinion of the Reynolds' film is, an important lesson that needs to be learned from the 2011 movie is the value of a good script.  This take has the potential to be a hit with fans if Goyer and Rhodes get the characters right.  Hal is more like Riggs and Stewart like Murtaugh and the writers will need to make sure they've captured the characters' voices accurately.  Hopefully with Johns in a real leadership position this time around the end result will be much better.

 Justin Rhodes has been involved in a number of big films that are in various stages of development including Fantastic Voyage, executive produced by Goyer, and a theatrical version of the Mass Effect video game series.

With this initial announcement out of the way hopefully more news will be forthcoming with regards to the director and cast.  

Source: Deadline
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  1. Had to give you a YouTube comment mention. Jaeroar made a video about this piece of news, claiming he came up with "Lethal Weapon in Space" as a GLC movie concept a year ago and then challenged his viewers to show him something that suggested the idea that predated Jan 2016. So I linked your Who Should Wear the Ring article :-)

    1. Thanks for that Greg - I posted a similar comment as well. Of course unanswered! I don't claim to be the first one to mention the idea, but I definitely did before Jaeroar.

  2. I would love to see Ryan come back and team up with a new guy and kind of pass the torch! This could put a bandage on the 2011 movie and maybe save the Corps and the same time? Just need a GOOD script thats finished AND a good editor!