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Many gamers have felt that the DC Universe Online MMO for the Playstation 3 and the PC should have lowered their monthly playing fee given that the cost of the game was so high, making the game something many wouldn’t consider playing due to the high initial pricetag and ongoing fees to participate. Starting some time in late October the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) MMO is acknowledging the wishes of fans and moving from the monthly fees to being free to play and looking at microtransactions and expansion packs to generate revenue. Not only is the game going to be free to play, but players can now also download the game for free as well for either gaming platform. To create a revenue stream SOE is moving to a three tiered player system that provides benefits to those who want a little more than the limitations that the free to play system comes with.

Here’s Sony’s breakdown of the three tiers players can choose from:

New players will now have access to the current gameplay in DC Universe Online (including Gotham City, Metropolis, and all current raids and alerts), with the ability to create two characters, join a league and many other benefits. Free level players will be able to purchase downloadable game packs/updates, additional character slots, powers and more through microtransactions.
Any player who has spent at least $5 (including former paid subscribers and new players who have purchased $5 of in-game items) will qualify for the Premium access level. Premium level players will have more benefits available to them than the Free level player, including additional character slots, additional inventory slots, and higher cash limits. Downloadable adventure packs, additional character slots, and more can be purchased in-game.
Maximum features and benefits are included at this level. Loaded with enhanced additional features, Legendary access will be available for a $14.99 monthly fee and includes all DLC packs at no cost, more than 15 character slots, more than 80 inventory slots, the ability to form unrestricted-sized leagues, and many other benefits.
Sony says they have a plan to ensure that the new microtransaction plan will not break the game and many of the more powerful items will not be something that games will be able to purchase in-game.  Player stats like experience will also remain something players will need to earn and microtransactions will not allow players to take shortcuts, with SOE saying that the experience will be much like Free Realms.

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