Parallax / Legion Concept Art

One of the early conceptual designs
Early on in the development process of the Green Lantern film, the first draft of the script was rooted to the Emerald Dawn version of Hal Jordan’s origin.  Like the comic book inspiration the character of Legion was one of the major threats that Hal faced in his first days as a Green Lantern in the film before the re-writing process changed the character to Parallax.
Like every other major film there is a lot of concept art generated to flesh out the character designs and help the filmmakers make creative decisions.  Artist Peter Rubin of Iron Rooster Studios was one artist who worked on the early designs for Legion / Parallax and he had several of his images on his site for anyone who’d like to see some of the options that Warner Brothers had to choose from.  It is interesting to see how close some of these drawings are compared to one that was leaked on the Internet that more closely resembles the entity from the comics.

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