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I love how the creative team behind Green Lantern: The Animated Series has been able to boil down Green Lantern mythology to its essence and present stories which  not only provides the richness expected by those familiar with all the trappings of the Green Lantern universe and the accessibility needed for those who haven’t earned their power rings yet.  It’s no small feat but it’s something I’ve come to expect from Warner Brothers animation and the most recent episode, “Lost Planet”, is yet another example of taking the familiar and presenting it in an original way that even us gristled veterans can find something new in.
Tracing Shyir Rev’s ring from the pilot to a planet in the Frontier the crew of the Interceptor hope to find a new Green Lantern their they can recruit to fight alongside them against the Red Lanterns, that is before the planet is destroyed by a rapidly approaching asteroid.  Hal Jordan and crew discover that the missing ring hasn’t chosen any of the planet’s stranded inhabitants including one very familiar being who schools Razer but it’s not until the end that Hal draws a conclusion that reveals the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps.

A hallmark for this show has been the way the scripts execute the perfect balance between humor, drama and action while keeping the show family friendly without watering it down too much.  This is achieved successfully once again and “Lost Planet” manages to expand the cast of characters without losing focus of the show’s central characters.  We see Kilowog question Hal Jordan’s leadership and Aya’s vulnerability due to her willingness to accept everyone at face value while Hal continues to demonstrate his value for life.


This episode features the debut of Saint Walker as one of the beings on the Lost Planet and his appearance was one of the things I’ve been looking forward to the most since it was revealed that he would be a part of the show.  While the Shaolin Monk schtick is a bit of a departure from what we’ve seen in the comics, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine him having that type of presence.  His calm nature and wisdom is definitely in tune with how he’s appeared on the printed page and I’m really looking forward to seeing him as a Blue Lantern somewhere down the road.  He also serves to provide some foreshadowing that “there’s a storm coming, brother, and the galaxy will need everyone of a strong and true heart to survive” and the symbolism of tossing of the Green Lantern ring on the fallen Razer effectively represents the conflict growing within the Red Lantern.  I couldn’t stop myself from smiling when Walker said “there’s always hope”.

“Do you have a problem with you?”

With regards to the ending of the episode it was really cool to see what happened to resolve the asteroid problem with the introduction of the newest member of the Corps.  Long time fans like myself may have seen it coming but it was no less rewarding when the time came and I hope we see more of this character as well when the time is right.  While a part of me questioned a few of the plot points that I found questionable, putting that aside I found myself just enjoying the ride so much that those things didn’t matter in the big picture of what’s going on.

Phil Morris and Juliet Landau

The guest cast was a welcome surprise for “Lost Planet” and I immediately recognized Clancy Brown’s voice behind General Zartok.  Brown has been the voice of Lex Luthor for many years as well as providing the voice behind Parallax in the Green Lantern movie last year.  Joining him is Juliet Landau as Drusa.  Landau provided the voice for Labella in Green Lantern: First Flight and recently voiced Ten from the Royal Flush Gang in Justice League: Doom as well as playing side by side with Brown in the Justice League animated series as Tala.  Phil Morris provides the voice of Saint Walker, another veteran who appeared in Justice League: Doom as Vandal Savage, Justice League: The New Frontier as King Faraday and was the Martian Manhunter in Smallville.

While I don’t want to put this show on a pedestal so early in its run I find it hard not to – it’s just that good.  The only downside so far has been having to wait a week for the next episode.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series airs every Saturday morning on the Cartoon Network as a part of the DC Nation block and can be found digitally on Amazon video, iTunes, the Playstation Network and the Zune Marketplace for the Xbox.

Five out of five lanterns.

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