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Photo: Action Figure Insider
On the show floor at Comic Con International in San Diego fans can see the diorama that Geoff Johns recently revealed on G4’s “Attack of the Show”.  But what’s exciting about this new presentation is that there are a number of Green Lantern prototype figures in the display as well.  Along with that came the news during today’s DC Collectibles panel was the news that another two-pack of 3 3/4 inch figures will be available at the New York show this fall.  The next set of figures will be John Stewart and Atrocitus.
During the panel the comment was made that if the Kyle Rayner / Kilowog pack sold well in San Diego and the second release sold well this fall the other figures shown in the diorama would likely follow.  The diorama itself is still being considered and they had no idea of what the pricing would be for it if they do produce it.

The photographs below were originally posted on Toy News Insider.

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