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One of the characters that fans are most excited to see make their Green Lantern: The Animated Series debut is Larfleeze, and we know that he will soon be making his arrival in an upcoming episode.  The Cartoon Network recently released a promo for the return of the series on January 5th that included a glimpse of Hal Jordan overcome by the Orange Lantern power battery. 

Dee Bradley Baker
We now know that voice actor veteran Dee Bradley Baker will be providing the voice behind Larfleeze when he makes his appearance.  Baker’s resume is impressive and includes such notable roles as Olmec in the Nickolodean game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, Appa and Momo in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Captain Rex in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  He also provided the voice for Hal Jordan when he made a brief appearance on Young Justice.

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