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I recently had the chance to preview Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the upcoming Warner Brother direct to video animated feature, which was adapted by Green Lantern: The Animated Series co-producer Jim Krieg and scored by series’ composer Frederik Wiedmann.  Other than a quibble or two about character design I really liked the movie but since I’d first heard of it I wondered why DC Entertainment would, with the great catalog of other stories out there still unused, choose this one given that Flashpoint doesn’t carry the same resonance with fans that a Sinestro Corps War or Kingdom Come would.  Recently it was announced that Justice League: War would be the next film in the series which leads many people to draw a conclusion about the future of the direct to video features.

Justice League: War will adapt the “New 52” relaunch of the Justice League in the post-Flashpoint DC Universe as they take on an invasion by Darkseid.  The timing of the two films leads may of us to think that, like their comic book inspirations, these two animated films are setting the stage for a new “DC Animated Universe” that would create a continuity between them as well as help cement the identity of the Justice League in the public consciousness as Warner Brothers inches ever so painfully forward in bringing the world’s greatest superhero team to the big screen.  This could be an interesting exercise if we assume that each movie would continue to employ consistent voice casting and character design to cement in the minds of viewers that going forward these films all take place in the same universe.
Here’s the main cast that has been announced thus far:
Alan Tudyk – Superman
Jason O’Mara – Batman
Justin Kirk – Green Lantern
Michelle Monaghan – Wonder Woman
Christopher Gorham – The Flash
Shemar Moore – Cyborg

Hopefully we will hear more information coming out of the San Diego Comic Con this weekend.


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  1. kind of was the old universe, and at the end we hinted at the New 52 universe. I’m hoping that somewhere down the line, we can do some other films that will hopefully connect the events from

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