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Robert Venditti and Van Jensen continue to play on the rumored plans by DC Comics to kill John Stewart off with the cover of the latest issue of Green Lantern Corps with a shocking image of John run through by Yrra.  What’s more of a shocker is that for once a sensational image like this actually happens in the book!  Just what do these guys think they’re doing?!  They’re kicking butt, that’s what!

I very much like that each of the books in the Lantern family have their own story going on, but by showing some connecting tissue between them you totally believe that all these events are happening in a cohesive universe.  This is carried off without making the reader feel that they have to have read all the books, but the consistency between the titles adds to the experience for readers who do.  This issue starts right out connecting the emerging subplot of the malfunctioning rings back to the Star Sapphires and by the end of the issue we come to realize that the greater impact of situation on the emotional entities. 
The malfunctioning of the rings emerges as a growing plot thread…is this tied to the emergence of Relic?
Fresh from his exploits last issue, John Stewart arrives on Oa to see the sorry state of the Corps and it isn’t long before he finds himself in a leadership role.  What’s changed for John is that for the first time in a very long time he’s found something in his newfound relationship with Yrra and that challenges his commitment to the Corps.  It’s refreshing to see John in this light where he doesn’t necessarily question his loyalty, but finds his personal life at odds with his life as a Green Lantern.  Stewart also joins the list of people questioning the choice of Hal for leadership of the Corps and one has to wonder if part of his new outlook has any emotional connection to being looked over for the job.
While John meets the new recruits and catches up with Kilowog Yrra encounters the Durlans and it’s here that the “death” of John Stewart comes into play when one of the shapshifters tries to move in for the kill and finds himself on the wrong end of a spear.  While John takes the recruits out to deal with a planetary crisis we get to see a lot more of our new recruits with Jruk stealing the show, especially after their rings stop working again and the warrior who speaks of himself in the third person gets to show off his battle prowess.  Jruk reminds me a lot of Hannu and he manages to elevate himself in the eyes of fans quickly with his actions in this one issue.
Yrra’s victory proves to be a short term win
Before long the shadows of the Guardians’ fall on John and his team when the Khund show up and gain the upper hand while simultaneously Yrra falls to the Durlans when her ring, too, stops working.  The issue comes to a close with a bit of humorously smutty dialog between two alien bug-like beings leads to the image of the White Lantern entity and Predator setting off in search of Kyle Rayner in response to their own dwindling emotional power, connecting this issue to next week’s Green Lantern: New Guardians #22.
Venditti and Jensen cram a lot into this issue between the action sequences and getting Stewart’s character brought up to speed with all the recent changes in the Green Lantern universe.  They do a remarkable job of getting it all to fit in while still connecting the events of the issue back to the evolving subplot of the changes being felt across the universe to the emotional spectrum.  They manage to interject some lighter moments as well to provide a well balanced script that is very engaging and entertaining.
The weakened entities go in search of the White Lantern…and the Predator changes genders?
Bernard Chang continues to find his way with the art which for the most part looks great.  While I don’t particularly care for his rendition of Kilowog, which is too far off-model for me, the rest of the issue looks great.  Chang’s grasp on conveying emotion is a strong suit which is well utilized in the issue as is his talent in elevating the action sequences.
Green Lantern Corps #22 is a great issue that further establishes the Green Lantern universe without the Guardians of the Universe behind the wheel.  This issue has a lot between the pages and gets four out of five lanterns.

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