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The new adventure is missing a ring slinger, but could be canon with the animated series

Our friends over at the Voices From Krypton sat down with Giancarlo Volpe, the former producer on Green Lantern: The Animated Series, to chat about his latest Warner Brothers’ project, “JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time”.  The Blog of Oa was the first to break the news about the stealth release which will be available exclusively at Target department stores starting on Tuesday, January 21st.

Previous to the interview, Volpe mentioned via Tumblr that Green Lantern will be absent from the movie and although not rationale for the creative decision was made Volpe indicated that this new 52 minute feature could be considered as taking place in the same universe during the time that Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps were dealing with the Anti-Monitor/Aya threat.  Unlike the grittier films that usually make up the Warner Brothers direct to video catalog, Volpe’s new project is family friendly.

Here’s an excerpt of the exclusive interview from the Voices From Krypton website – the entire interview can be read here:

VOICES FROM KRYPTON: How did this project come about?

GIANCARLO VOLPE: Well, my boss Sam Register approached me about doing this straight to video. It was kind of a partnership with Target and they had a toyline, which a lot of these things start with, that they wanted to promote. They just wanted to do a movie that accompanied the toyline about their characters. The main thing about it was tone. If you look at something like Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox or the upcoming WAR, or, frankly, a lot of the stuff we do at WB, they’re grittier films. There are curse words and violence, so Sam said, “We need something that’s a little more kid friendly.” My initial reaction was reluctance, because I was worried he was asking me to do a pre-school version of the Justice League. We talked about it and he said, “That thing you do on Green Lantern, we just want that but with the Justice League.” When I finally understood it in those terms – “I can do my storytelling sensibilities with Superman and Batman and all of them” – I was, like, “Okay, let’s do it.”

VOICES FROM KRYPTON: What would you say is the power and the appeal of this film?

GIANCARLO VOLPE: This is a version of Justice League that the whole family can watch. If you watched Flashpoint or any of the recent Batman movies and couldn’t show them to your kid because of the violence, this was crafted to be good for everyone. I hope that it’s a fun ride for everyone who watches it. It’s my first at bat with the Justice League and Batman and Wonder Woman and all of them. If you liked my work on Green Lantern and Avatar: The Last Airbender, it will have that kind of feel, but in the DC universe. I hope that that equals quality entertainment in the mind of the viewers, but that will ultimately be up to them when they see it.

Source: Voices from Krypton

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