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The Renegade Green Lantern Returns With His Own Ongoing

Fans have been looking forward to writer Cullen Bunn’s take on Sinestro since the book was first announced and today we have our chance to get the all important first impression of the new series. Like many first issues Sinestro #1 is a little heavy on the narrative as Bunn helps remind long time Green Lantern readers of the path that Sinestro has been on since his encounter with the First Lantern in Green Lantern #20 while also making sure to provide enough background for a new reader jumping on for the first time.

There’s some room for confusion for readers who are following Sinestro’s appearance in Forever Evil and trying to parse how the current events in the Green Lantern universe dovetail with what’s going on in the DC Universe proper. Given that he’s still showing signs that he’s bonded with Parallax over in the Geoff John’s penned story it’s safe to say that those events must take place before this issue as Sinestro states that he’s no longer paired with the entity of Fear. Seeing that the reunion of Sinestro with his former comrades also fits nicely after Arkillo’s recent appearance in Green Lantern Corps #28 we have to assume that Forever Evil has already concluded some time ago.  How Sinestro goes from that event to where he is at the start of this issue may not have any importance, but if it does I’m sure we’ll learn more when the time is right.

Some tigers can’t change their stripes

Bunn does an admirable job of displaying his understanding of this very complex anti-hero and displays his nobler side when Sinestro learns that he still has fellow Korugarians out there that might need his help while still showing his coldness when it comes to saving anyone else. The entire opening sequence shows a man who’s traveled the hard road that he’s paved for himself but if there are any signs of regret they are short lived. The arrival of Lyssa Drak provides an interesting update on her new found abilities that have come about since being separated from the Book of Parallax and she acts as the catalyst for Sinestro to return to his former flock. Not only are what remains of his civilization in peril, but the former Sinestro Corps stands to fall in the folly of Arkillo’s leadership and there is a new threat lurking on the horizon which calls for the renegade Green Lantern to return and take his place in the universe.

Sinestro is of course not welcome back but Bunn chooses wisely to keep the tension between Arkillo and his former master from boiling over into fisticuffs in the first issue. Instead Arkillo plays the trump card in his hand to demonstrate how effective he has been in Sinestro’s absence, and the reveal serves as a great way to end the issue on a high note. It’s clear that Bunn has put a great deal of thought into the direction for the series and if this issue is an indication for what’s to come we are really in for a great experience.

Sinestro reunites with some familiar faces

Dale Eaglesham’s pencils are absolutely gorgeous and Jason Wright does a great coloring job to help bring the imagery to life. The opening sequence between Sinestro and the twelve legged, four eyed felines conjures notions of a mashup of Edgar Rice Boroughs’ Tarzan and John Carter with imagery which that looks both beautifully alien and familiar at the same time.

Sinestro #1 is a great launch to the newest book in the Green Lantern family. Cullen Bunn is a welcome addition to the writing team and it’s always great to see Dale Eaglesham on a monthly book. With this first issue the creative team has set the stage for the next phase in Sinestro’s long and storied life. Something tells me we are in for a great ride.  Five out of five lanterns.

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