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“This might pinch a little”

Cullen Bunn continues to build on Sinestro’s return in the second issue of the series and readers are treated this issue with the confrontation between Thaal and Arkillo that we’ve been waiting for and for the the most part it doesn’t disappoint although it’s a far shorter battle than I’d hope.  It’s no surprise that Sinestro would emerge triumphant against his own Corps, but the way in which he chooses to deal with those who might be against him show that he’s put aside any regrets about dispatching the Guardians back in Green Lantern #20.

Sinestro demands absolute allegiance
Sinestro seems to have found a renewed sense of purpose in rescuing what remains of the Korugarian people and Bunn’s grasp on the character’s anti-hero nature is apparent as Sinestro will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to make sure that his civilization survives the destruction of his planet.  Perhaps one of of the most interesting developments in this issue for me was the reunion between Sinestro and Soranik Natu.  She clearly has disdain for her father but it seems that she’s easily influenced by his presence, presumably willing to forgo any sort of Hippocratic oath in favor dishing out some painful retribution on Arkillo.  If indeed she’s so easily corrupted by Sinestro then her fall from grace has some great storytelling potential.  There is a part of me thinking that it’s all a bit of rouse by Soranik and that she’s going to use her ring to alert the Green Lanterns to Sinestro’s location.
Bunn’s script finds some opportunities for levity to act as a counterpoint to the darker tone that’s prevalent in this issue. Dale Eaglesham likewise follows suit with his pencils this issue, providing a few rather humorous looking members of the Sinestro Corps to juxtapose some of the grimmer visuals including what looks like a living surf board and a giant hand with a head.  Neither the script or the artwork are guffaw inducing but their inclusion does help to make the issue feel more balanced.  And Eaglesham’s cover this issue is just spectacular!
The Sinestro Corps dispatch cold, hard justice before turning the rings on their own
In short, the creative team has, in two issues, re-positioned Sinestro as the leader of his Corps, introduced readers to the supporting cast and laid the course for the immediate future of the series.  With The Paling entering the picture to stand in Sinestro’s way this title is plunging forward with a clear sense of direction.  Kudos to Bunn for managing to both clean house and set the tone clearly without dragging things out any more than necessary, and making these first two issues feel like something eventful.  
Sinestro #2 is the second half of what amounts to setting the stage for the entire series and reminds readers just why its title character is one of the most revered in the Green Lantern universe.  Neither hero nor villain, Sinestro has his eyes set on his return to glory even if it means trampling across anyone who gets in his way.  Filled with dark moments and heavy narrative this second issue validates the existence of the series and puts the rest of the Green Lantern universe on notice that Sinestro is back and he’s back in a big way.  Four out of five lanterns.
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