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One Billion Bottles of Beer on the Wall….

Green Lantern #33 is the penultimate chapter in Uprising, and writer Robert Venditti’s script could have easily fooled readers into thinking it was the final chapter based on how the Green Lanterns so heroically handed the Durlans a defeat on Zezzen – that is until the rug is unceremoniously pulled out from underneath everyone in those last two panels.  As it turns out, the Green Lantern Corps may have snatched defeat from the hands of victory by the time all is said and done, but we will have to wait until next week’s conclusion from Van Jensen to see how it all turns out.

In true comic book fashion Hal Jordan and crew arrive on Gorin-Sunn’s planet just as the Durlans are about to supercharge themselves with all the radiation on a world full of energy beings and the rest of the issue revolves around the spectacular battle between the Corps and the Durlans as they push to literally within inches of reaching their goal.  Venditti’s work on building Hal into a true leader is fully on display with Jordan enacting a strategy that shows some real forethought about an effective offense which successfully keeps the Durlans at bay and minimizing the chances of suffering any losses.  
Hal Jordan puts the screws to the Durlans
Venditti throws in some light moments for good measure
The issue has a nice tonal balance with equal doses of high action and light humor which keeps the issue moving along at a good pace.  While a fair amount of recent issues have been a little heavier this is traditional hero fare with the good guys fighting a valiant battle against the bad guys with the requisite number of “ooh-rah” moments sprinkled about for good measure.  Billy Tan’s artwork does an adequate job, however there are moments where the action looks a little stiff and a few panels in particular where Hal’s face looks a bit goofy.  
The moments where we learn a little more about Gorin-Sunn’s people are charming and the character has become a bit of a fan favorite in a relatively short amount of time.  I hope at some point down the road we get to return to Zezzen and learn more should the planet survive the final chapter of Uprising.  This is a character who represents the science fiction element that is synonymous with the Green Lantern universe and reminds me a great deal of some of the classic Silver Age Green Lantern’s that appeared very far out but showed a great deal of creativity from the creators.
Of course the ending is of the issue is what has people wondering just what lies ahead for John Stewart.  We know that the Durlans weave plans within plans so that if one falls short another one takes center stage.  I said way back in April that it would really suck if Fatality turned out to be a Durlan and I would not be at all surprised if she and others of John’s group turn out to be Durlans who could not be detected by the power rings, and once the Green Lanterns and Mogo got out of range the time would be right for them to turn on John.  Remember, Fatality was held captive by the Durlans way back when Venditti and Jensen first took over the Lanternverse before escaping – or did she? It’s all speculation at this point, but anyone who has read this blog or listened to our podcast knows how much I love to try to put two and two together – sometimes I get the math wrong but I enjoy it nonetheless!  
A throwaway scene for added color – or some sinister foreshadowing?
Green Lantern #33 is a great issue that represents a lot of what fans like about the Green Lantern universe, a science fiction adventure that provides escapist entertainment and high stakes.  Robert Venditti and Van Jensen have a lot of plans for the Green Lantern books and if this issue is representative for what they have in store then we’ve got a great deal to look forward to.  Four out of five lanterns.

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