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“All Can Be Used To Spread Fear”

So far Futures End month has been a bit of a downer for the Green Lantern family with the first three issues showing less that promising futures for Earth’s ring bearers, but this week’s Sinestro book shows a future for the Korugarian that is no less filled with tragedy which turns towards a macabre form of triumphant return.  Writer Cullen Bunn also introduces us to a new group of adversaries, the Apex League, who will be making an appearance in the real, near future of the series.

Being forgotten would be a fate worse than death for Sinestro
Unsurprisingly we discover that Sinestro has been incarcerated and even more unsurprising is that he breaks out of prison.  While the prison scene isn’t built up enough to create any sort of buy in by the reader when the breakout occurs, the flashback sequence which precedes it creates considerable anticipation for learning how things ultimately turn out for the fully fledged Yellow Lantern Soranik Natu and the rest of the Sinestro Corps who face a dire situation when the Apex League comes calling.  Of course Bunn doesn’t disappoint us with how it all plays out and as Sinestro’s plan to reconcile his role in their fate with himself we are reminded of the reasons why Sinestro is to revered by ally and foe alike.
Sinestro as a character works best for me when he’s used as a foil in opposition to others but I felt this issue did a good job of showing the reader how resourceful and adaptable Sinestro is and gave us a further glimpse at his inner workings.  Seeing how Lyssa Drak continues to be a vital player in Sinestro’s life despite what becomes of her, and seeing Natromo’s role in Sinestro’s return to power was a nice way to work in a little more of the Green Lantern mythos.  The rest of Sinestro’s followers quickly fade into the background and while it might be rewarding to shine more of a spotlight on them that would only serve to distract us from Sinestro’s journey and the underlying agenda to introduce readers to new characters.
Sinestro once again finds himself surrounded by death, destruction, and despair.
Igor Lima provides the artwork for this issue and he very effectively sets the mood with a solid effort.  There are at few cases where he falls into the trap of forgetting which hand Sinestro puts his ring on and it’s far more noticeable in this issue considering he not wielding a power ring but a power finger more the bulk of the issue.  The final full page splash showing how Sinestro triumphs again is one of my favorite images from Futures End month and I hope we don’t have to wait five years to see more of his work between the covers of the Lantern family books.
Sinestro: Futures End #1 successfully uses what is essentially a throw away issue to introduce readers to new characters that have more potential of actually being a part of Sinesto’s future than anything else in the issue.  While clearly putting the rest of his Corps in the background Cullen Bunn succeeds in creating a potential future for the lead character which represents both his brightest day and his own blackest night.  Four out of five lanterns.
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