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“Who are the children now?”

With a one week delay, today’s release of Sinestro #7 brings Act 2 of GodHead to a close by ending with most of our protagonists in a dire predicament thanks to a surprising betrayal.  As we await the arrival of artist Brad Walker on the series DC gives us all an early holiday gift by treating us to an issue featuring the pencils of superstar artist Ethan Van Sciver, supported by Geraldo Borges.  In addition to providing a satisfying conclusion to the second act, writer Cullen Bunn also provides us with some great character moments for Sinestro and Soranik Natu in particular.

For me the best moments of the issue revolve around the interaction between Sinestro and Bekka as we see how Sinestro’s ability to manipulate people to his advantage is put to great advantage.  I get the feeling that Bekka is a rather straightforward individual and underestimates how skillful Sinestro is at seducing others to fall in line with him.  The back and forth between the two is very enjoyable as we watch Sinestro slowly get into Bekka’s head with a most interesting proposition presenting itself near the end of the issue.

Sinestro spends most of the issue toying with Bekka and John Stewart….at the same time.
Of course all of this transpires without the knowledge of anyone else taking refuge on Qward and while the interplay between Sinestro and Bekka takes place in one universe Sinestro is simultaneously sparring with John Stewart in the Antimatter Universe.  With also those lanterns in close proximity it’s only a matter of time before the greens and the yellow are at odds with each other with Bunn using the situation to put Soranik Natu’s allegiance in doubt and putting a strain on her relationship with Iolande and many of her fellow Green Lanterns.  
The main plot of the issue comes back into focus in the latter third of the issue and what starts out as a seemingly great plan quickly goes awry.  The seeming betrayal of the Indigo Tribe is one that few could have seen coming given how the Indigo’s have been just as much at odds with the New Gods as the rest of the emotional spectrum.  While I think this strange turn is interesting I have to say that it felt a little weak with the betrayal appearing to come completely out of the blue.  I remember wondering why Iroque told John Stewart back in Green Lantern Corps #35, “You are to come with me”, and perhaps now it was all a part of some secret alliance with the New Gods for the Indigo’s to help gather all the lanterns together so they could be delivered to Highfather, but it just rings a little hollow at this point.
Sinestro spins another web
There are a few other narrative elements which left me a bit puzzled, one being the actions, or should I say inactions, of the New Guardians in this issue.  As the Green and Yellow Lanterns go at each other’s throats the Guards float there, doing absolutely nothing knowing what is at stake.  I also wondered where all the fury that Bekka displayed at the end of last issue disappeared to this issue as she hardly seems the type to just forget how Sinestro wiped out some of her followers to engage in banter with him this issue even though I really enjoyed their dialogue.  Of course the last thing that bothered me here is how Sinestro, who openly states he doesn’t trust the Indigo Tribe, doesn’t even bother to use Lyssa Drak to once again use her abilities to gain a tactical edge knowing he’s about to place his fate in their hands.  Perhaps he was just too distracted by chatting up Bekka to think of it but I find the lapse in forethought uncharacteristic for Sinestro.  And of course the one thing that I cannot overlook – what the heck happened to John Stewart’s Star Sapphire ring?
Ethan Van Sciver does a great job and his renditions of Bekka and her troops is the best looking portrayal of them thus far.  The man was meant to draw Green Lantern comics and his Sinestro is the best in the business in my opinion.  I also love his version of Arisia and, well, everything that comes out of his pencils.  There are a few bumps in the road, however, as Arkillo’s energy fingers show up on the wrong hand and some ring wielders appear on the opening page which make no sense.  But other than a couple of hiccups the issue is visually stellar.
Sinestro #7 concludes the middle act of GodHead by putting the majority of our heroes in a dire situation.  While the betrayal that helps land them right where Highfather wants them seems forced, the issue itself is a great read and sets things up for December’s conclusion.  It’s always a special treat to have Ethan Van Sciver grace the pages of a Green Lantern book and this issue is a great example of why he’s the definitive Green Lantern artist, making it easy to overlook some continuity goofs by both the writer and artists.  Four out of five lanterns.

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