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DC Comics next big publishing event, Convergence, is set to run through the months of April and May as characters representing every era of DC’s history are forced to survive against stakes that threaten the entire DC Multiverse. Besides the weekly nine issue limited series DC is publishing there are also a number of two-issue series, two of which are Green Lantern centric.  Each series represents events created when Brainiac, who has trapped cities from various planets and times, conducts experiments to see what happens when the trapped characters meet.

DC Comics has shared with The Blog of Oa an exclusive preview for the first issue of Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1 arriving in comic shops and online on Wednesday, April 22nd. Scroll down to view the preview images of two pages which provides character information for the upcoming series.  The creative team of Harvey Award winning writer David Gallaher and artist Steve Ellis from High Moon and The Only Living Boy team up again for a tale pitting the Green Lanterns from Crisis on Infinite Earths against foes from across the Multiverse.

Writer: David Gallaher
Artists: Steve Ellis and Ande Parks
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Say the Oath, save the world! If only being the Green Lantern Corps was that easy. Hal has resigned, John is busy, and Guy is pissed. Together for the first time—they’ll save Gotham or die trying.

Images courtesy of DC Comics

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