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“Sometimes, Dez, the mastery of a weapon comes in the refusal to use it”

The dynamic between Sinestro and Mongul has been one of the more enjoyable feuds we’ve seen for Sinestro and in the recently released Sinestro #11 Cullen Bunn propels the clash forward with an unexpected maneuver that puts their dispute on hold while pouring a significant amount of gasoline on the fire.  If this encounter wasn’t intense enough there’s every assurance that the next time Mongul and Sinestro throw down it will be something on a grand scale.

Bekka makes an instant impact on the battle as she arrive bearing the ring that Sinestro gave her.  Combining her formidable battle skills with the yellow ring makes her a major threat, but combined with the effect that she has on every man who crosses her path Bekka is perhaps the most dangerous of all the members of Sinestro’s Corps.  Her arrival completely changes the tide of the battle, but while Bekka is clearly the major player in the physical part of the battle it is Sinestro who commands the mental playing field.

Sinestro is in command even when it appears he isn’t

The dialog between Sinestro and the Apex League’s Venemous Shade is so spot on and Bunn’s script really shows how much of a grasp he has on the character.  The further insight into how Sinestro perceives fear reveals a great deal about him and his tactics even while in a position that seems compromised effectively underlines why he is among the greatest antagonists in the entire DC Universe.

All the moving pieces that Bunn has had in motion intersect with this issue and the perception of who has the upper hand shifts multiple times throughout the issue.  In the end it’s Sinestro who emerges in triumph as his real goal is achieved, revealing that he has a much more aggressive long range vision in mind.  Bunn has stated that the recent GodHead event left a mark on Sinestro which will unfold in the months to come and it appears that Sinestro has his sights set on having more influence on the universe with this issue’s acquisition.

The addition of Bekka to the Sinestro Corps pays immediate, and deadly, dividends.

Brad Walker’s art is beautiful throughout this issue with his action sequences effectively displaying the frenzied action of the heat of battle while showing great restraint during Sinestro’s portion of the book to allow the script to take center stage.  There is an ongoing consistency issue with Arkillo’s construct hand which I hope that the art team gets a handle on, however this is only a minor distraction when compared to the drop in quality near the end of the issue as Geraldo Borges provides the pencils for the closing moments.  There isn’t same visual understanding of Sinestro’s demeanor as well as a lack of the same kind of detail that enriches the rest of the issue.

Sinestro #11 effectively puts the feud heating up between Sinestro and Mongul on simmer while also setting aside any further conflict with the Apex League.  Bekka proves herself to be a invaluable asset in Sinestro’s growing arsenal of tools to employ as he takes a bold step forward in establishing himself as a major player in the universe at large.  Some art issues aside the issue hits all the right notes.  Eight out of ten lanterns.

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