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“The lesson…daughter…begins now”

One of the big questions spawned by the Sinestro preview revolved around Soranik Natu, who was clearly a member of Sinestro’s Corps.  With this week’s twelfth issue of the Sinestro series writer Cullen Bunn provides the answer to that particular question as he elevates the tension between father and daughter and giving Sinestro the opportunity of dishing out a little tough love.  While the traitor among them remains a mystery Bunn gives the reader more than enough to dwell upon with the series’ post-Convergence return.

The ideological differences between father and daughter continues to grow.

As Soranik observes her father’s actions she’s finally pushed past her tolerance point realizing that Sinestro doesn’t have the pending explosion of New Korugar as under control as he’d like it be believed.  But with the notion of not being able to stop it ever being considered it’s Sinestro’s lack of wanting to get their people to safety that flies the harshest in the face of his daughter’s principles.  The fact that Sinestro seems even more interested in ramping up the offensive capabilities of the recently acquired War World than protect his people pushes Soranik to stand up to her father by evacuating the refugees on her own….until Dez rats her out and sets the stage for a major confrontation.

Sinestro #12 was originally set to be released after the debut issue of Green Lantern: The Lost Army but their dates where switched and it becomes clear why given the dialogue between Sinestro and Lyssa Drak which establishes that the Green Lanterns haven’t left the building yet, a point which motivates Sinestro to keep Soranik by his side despite her actions.  The fight between father and daughter is engaging and tense without being over the top, in great part due to Sinestro’s decision to not dish it out as hard and he’s taking it.  This isn’t Sinestro as his most menacing however it is Sinestro demonstrating his superiority by emerging the victor despite showing great restraint.

One serving of tough love coming right up

It’s almost easy to overlook the secondary plot unfolding quietly in the background with Arkillo and the Sinestro Corps planting a seed of despair on War World, in the form of a fragment of Ranx, the living planet.  Should a new form of Ranx which incorporates the power of War World become a reality the universe will become a very interesting place once the Green Lanterns disappear.  With Drak providing Sinestro with the advance knowledge that the Corps will soon cease to be there to pose an opposition Sinestro clearly has the upper hand with a window of time to plan his path to ascension.

Brad Walker’s art looks as good as ever and his work on Soranik Natu’s facial expressions in particular do a wonderful job of conveying emotion and adding depth to Bunn’s script.

Sinestro #12 is another quality issue from Cullen Bunn and Brad Walker.  While last month’s sneak preview spoils the ending a bit it’s the satisfying journey that the relationship between Sinestro and Soranik Naut take that’s ultimately more important than the destination.  Eight out of ten lanterns.

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