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“Now you possess the weapon that could destroy me…”

The Sinestro title has been slowly building up for something big and this week’s thirteenth issue Cullen Bunn tips his hand a bit more.  As the writer has pointed out, Sinestro was greatly effected by the GodHead event and he emerged from his encounter with the New Gods more focused and determined as ever, and given his personality he’s also a little bit blinded by his own ambition.  This issue features some wonderful character moments as well as a turning point for the entire Sinestro Corps.

Soranik Natu’s salvation in the form of a yellow power ring leaves her with a bit of an identity crisis but when she witnesses the disappearance of her ring as across the universe the Green Lanterns depart for the unknown she’s left with more questions not only about her own future, but of her father’s motivations.  Sinestro, aware of the fate of the Green Lanterns, sees the opportunity for his Corps to emerge as a major force with his sphere of influence potentially widening enough to put the whole universe within his grasp.

Sinestro parts with Parallax for the good of  his people, and his ego

Bunn and artist Brad Walker also give us a small glimpse at the final moments of the Green Lanterns and alludes to their disappearance stemming from a combination of forces that “were aligning against them”.  This visually implies that those forces came from exterior sources but I still have a feeling that the New Guardians were more involved that Bunn implies.  Hopefully over the course of the coming months we’ll learn more and perhaps the flashback tale in September’s Green Lantern Annual will provide some of the vital information to fill in the gaps.

This issue resolves the threat of the destruction of New Korugar to bed with a spectacular tactic which invariably leaves Sinestro in a less powerful state as he binds Parallax to the core of the planet.  The moment is heightened as he allows Bekka to witness Sinestro’s demonstration of mastery which helps to build their intriguing relationship and underscores just how badly Sinestro needs to be seen as the savior of his people.  It also puts him in a more precarious state with future confrontations as he no longer has that particular ace up his sleeve to command should the need arise.  Resolved as well is the issue of the identity of the traitor among his followers.  Admittedly the guilty party was not a surprise however that individual’s motivation was much more satisfying to me than what I thought it would be.

Lyssa Drak finds herself at a crossroads with Sinestro

The closing moments feel very meaningful as Sinestro finds a way to deal internally with the traitor and as one might expect it’s not quite what one might expect.  Tactically speaking his decision is brilliant as it props Sinestro up in the minds of his followers while preserving one of his greatest assets.  The complex relationship between Sinestro and Lyssa Drak gets another layer of depth and their dynamics continues to be one of the things I like best about this series.  Bunn and Walker also give us a closing image that many have felt was a little overdue but personally I feel is timed perfectly as it shows Sinestro in another light at a time when he’s set to emerge as the most powerful he’s ever been.

Sinestro #13 sets the stage for a new era for Sinestro and his band of Fear Lanterns as they situate themselves in a position to set up shop with no one poised to challenge them.  For the first time Sinestro appears ready to take center stage as he sets out to impose his form of order on an unsuspecting universe.  This issue brings several plot threads to a satisfactory close while providing some key character moments as well. Eight out of ten lanterns.

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