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“Death is a constant in every universe”

With each passing issue of Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War I find myself wishing that this was a much longer event.  This week’s fourth issue was no different and if there’s any concern it’s that with only two issues left our factions  have yet to fully interact with each other.  I’m left wondering whether the series have enough time in the final two issues to reach a conclusion that is as enjoyable as the story we’ve had so far.  As a fan of both franchises this is clearly an event that I wish could go on for another six issues if only to see more.

Writer Mike Johnson inserts a little more exposition for Star Trek fans as a Green Lantern primer when it comes to the power of Nekron.  There is some revisionist history at play when it comes to his recounting of how Nekron was defeated during Blackest Night which is used to explain the absence of one of the Earth Lanterns.  It does the job in terms of showing how much of a threat the Black Lanterns are going to be but for anyone who reads this event and decides to dip their toes in the Green Lantern universe may find themselves confused should they read the last time Nekron challenged the universe.

Sinestro makes his move

Otherwise this issue does a nice job of further intermingling the two franchises and there are some really fun moments sprinkled throughout the pages.  Seeing Uhura getting a little bent out of shape over Carol’s flirting with Spock was comical as was the effect of the Indigo ring on Dr. McCoy.  Spock’s dig on Kirk over Kirk’s assessment of Hal and Larfleeze’s show of strength were also highlights, but for me the moment I’ve been waiting for arrived once Sinestro started wreaking havoc and Hal finds himself taking the center seat of the Enterprise.

I know I said that issue three was my favorite so far but I’ll have to revise that since this issue topped the last one for me.  There continues to be something magical about these two groups of characters sharing the same book even if only for six issues.  When I interviewed Johnson last month he indicated that there is the potential for more and I sincerely hope that both IDW and DC are paying attention to the positive buzz this event has created among Star Trek and Green Lantern fans alike.  As much fun as this series has been I do hope that there is more in the not too distant future.

Hal has the conn!

Angel Hernandez continues his excellent work here as does colorist Alejandro Sanchez.  Green Lantern books by their very nature have the propensity to fall into a technicolor trap and Sanchez does a great job of maintaining the powerful nature of the various colored rings but shows the restraint needed to ensure the colors don’t overwhelm the reader.

Star Trek / Green Lantern #4 continues to be a fun filled dream for fans of either universe, but exponentially so for those who love both.  There are great moments for each character in this issue as the stage is set for the arrival of the one terrible force which may overshadow any animosity the factions have towards each other.  Ten out of ten lanterns.

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