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For over a year now Tyrese Gibson has been campaigning to take on the role of John Stewart in DC’s cinematic universe.  In a new interview with Larry King, Gibson expands on the story a bit further, saying he has met with Warner Brothers but admitting he hasn’t been cast and hasn’t met with Zack Snyder at this point.  Given his comments my own opinion is that the meeting with Warner Brothers was more of a way to try to appease Gibson more than seriously consider him for the role.

A fan did this image as me as Green Lantern. And I was like, ‘Woah, that looks cool.’ And I posted it on my Instagram, and it just went crazy — over 1,500 sites. And it was just all of this buzz, and I was like I might as well run with this thing. And I did. Pissed the people off, a little bit, at Warner Brothers because they thought that I had convinced the world that I had landed the role, which I didn’t. And I said, “If you go down my timeline, at no point did I say the role is mine.” But, you know, there have been other artists, actors and actresses who have put up images of them as a comic book character and ended up landing a role. So I was like, it’s worth giving it a shot. – Tyrese Gibson when asked about the fan image which sparked his campaign to be John Stewart

With casting news still coming about the actors and characters it’s still anybody’s guess as to Warner Brothers’ direction for the franchise.  You can check out Gibson’s interview above.

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