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“It’s about to get real real around here”

Robert Venditti has been building to something big in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps and this week’s sixth issue the characters find themselves on the verge of another classic showdown.  While this issues doesn’t propel the narrative along it serves its purpose by ratcheting up the tension and acting as a wonderful showcase for the kind of classic cosmic action that is synonymous with Green Lantern.

Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan and Sinestro continue to be the main drivers of the series’ first story arc and all three have some great moments this issue.  Guy Gardner’s absolute resolve and sheer grit doesn’t so much add character but underscores what makes him one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time.  While John or Hal might withstand similar treatment neither is as likely to face it with the same kind of spit in your face intestinal fortitude as Guy does here.  While he doesn’t get a great deal of panel time what he does have is fantastic.  This is as much a result of Rafa Sandoval’s spectacular imagery as it is Venditti’s script, and together they serve the character very well.

Hal is about to rain on Sinestro’s parade

Hal Jordan attacks the Sinestro Corps with the drive, determine and raw willpower that we’ve come to expect from him.  Venditti really captures Hal’s courage and boldness as he goes after the Yellow Lanterns with unfettered ferocity and again Sandoval’s contributions make the whole battle look spectacular.  Without a Corps to fight alongside him Jordan creates a squadron of jets and bombers who let loose on Warworld.

Venditti juxtaposes the frenetic battle above Warworld nicely with Sinestro’s resolute preparations for his confrontation with Hal.  It showcases what these two characters work so well together as a tale of two extremes.  Sinestro with his controlled demeanor ready to uncork and Hal with his barely contained confidence and unpredictability.

Venditti captures Hal’s bravado perfectly

While all the action makes for a fun issue some may find themselves chomping at the bit for John Stewart and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps to get involved in the fray.  True that they appear in the issue but do little more than ponder about the state of Guy Gardner as they continue to plod their way to Warworld.  I’m sure they’ll arrive in the nick of time as Hal will inevitably find himself coming up short against the Fear Engine overcharged Sinestro and his minions.  Missing this issue is also Soranik Natu whose role in this will have to wait two more weeks for the conclusion to Sinestro’s Law.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #6 is an action filled issue that sets the stage for a major throwdown between Hal Jordan and Sinestro.  As the penultimate chapter in Robert Venditti’s first arc on this new series it positions the characters right where they need to be, and as a setup issue it doesn’t appear quite as well balanced as the series has been so far.  Given that, this issue is still a lot of fun to read and Rafa Sandoval’s visuals make it very easy on the eyes.  Eight out of ten lanterns.

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