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With confirmation that one or more Green Lanterns are set to appear, however briefly, in next year’s Justice League movie the rumors continue to swirl around which ring bearers it will be and what actor(s) will be signed.  This past week three more names entered the mix, however neither rumor has much factual information behind it.

Andre Gordon

First was Andre Gordon who is taking a page out of the Tyrese Gibson playbook and using social media to sell the idea to fans that he’s in contention for the role of John Stewart.  On his Instragram account the actor posted an image of John with the comment that “>The pieces are coming together and it feels good!” with a number of Green Lantern and Justice League hashtags behind it.  I know very little about Gordon’s work myself but my first reaction is that, on first appearance, he doesn’t strike me as looking like John very much although anything’s possible.  I don’t put much confidence in yet another social media campaign for a role since actors are generally not allowed to comment on a casting until it’s announced by the studio or confirmed with a news source.  But it is what it is.

Jamie Dornan

Secondly comes a report from a little known news site called Bravo! Film News.  Bravo! seems to only exist on Twitter and has a very miniscule following.  They posted a casting alert saying that Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan is in talks with Warner Brothers for the role of Green Lantern.  Dornan has the right look and profile to help lead the Green Lantern franchise, but how much can really be behind this rumor.  Interestingly it seems to be flying under the radar of other Hollywood scoopers or they simply aren’t commenting on it at all.  Dornan is currently working on one project and he is playing Will Scarlett in a Robin Hood film which is in pre-production.  He might have time to squeeze out a cameo for Justice League and it does look like is calendar is opening up soon.  It seems unlikely Jamie is our Hal, but it wouldn’t be a shock if he were.

Armie Hammer

The most interesting rumor to me has been the one which sprung up over the course of the past few days regarding fan favorite choice for the role, Armie Hammer.  Hammer’s name became a hot rumor when Twitter sleuths caught Geoff Johns and Hammer had begun following each other on the social media platform in similar manner to how Johns and Joe Manganiello did before the latter was announced as taking on the role of Deathstroke the Terminator in the upcoming The Batman film.  While Hammer has in the past said he has no interest in superhero films he has played the Lone Ranger in the ill fated 2013 film.  He certainly has the look for the part and his chemistry with the DCEU’s Henry Cavill was one of the bright spots of last year’s Man from U.N.C.L.E. reboot.  That Manganiello also followed Hammer is a nice coincidence but could point to a role in the Batman film just as easily.  It could of course all be nothing as some people in the casting scoop game are indicating, but for now I’m still pulling for Hammer to be the next Hal Jordan.

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