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It’s been a while since we’ve heard any real rumors around the casting for the 2020 Green Lantern Corps movie, but with the recent announcement that revealed that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes are working on the script it was only a matter of time before real information would come out.  Today over at The Wrap they’ve confirmed that casting for Hal Jordan is circling around six actors, including Ryan Reynolds.

While there have reportedly been no discussions with actors yet, the list of candidates certainly gives the impression that DC Entertainment is at least paying attention to social media as several are names that have been bandied about by fans.

The list:

Ryan Reynolds –
Perhaps one of two surprises on the list is the idea that DC Entertainment would consider bringing Ryan Reynolds back to the role.  Given response to the 2011 film was less than favorable, but Reynolds stock has risen due to the success of the Deadpool movie last year.  Reynolds certainly can’t be blamed for the 2011 film’s script problems and his portrayal reflected the tone that the studio asked for.  The bigger question is whether Reynolds would want to return to this role again or not.  There’s a part of me that thinks Reynolds would want a chance at redemption and another that thinks he’d rather just leave it alone.

Armie Hammer –
Hammer has long been my personal choice for the role and the recent Twitter sleuthing has had ring clad fingers pointing at him as the next Hal Jordan.  Hammer certainly has the right look and his chemistry with Henry Cavill was one of the bright spots from the 2015 Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie.  If DC Entertainment is looking at Lethal Weapon as a comparison to the 2020 film Hammer would certainly fit the bill as a fresh young face to be the hotshot rule breaker version of Hal Jordan to a “by the book” John Stewart.  Out of this group he remains my number one choice for the role.

Bradley Cooper – 
Bradley Cooper should be a familiar name when it comes to Green Lantern casting.  He was one of the finalists for the casting of the 2011 film and was really disappointed that he didn’t get the role.  Cooper famously botched his audition by adopting a Christian Bale style Batman voice.  What makes his name being tied to Green Lantern again is that he’s voiced Rocket Raccoon in two Guardians of the Galaxy films and the upcoming third Avengers movie.  Marvel’s practice of enforcing actor exclusivity would seem to make him unreachable , but not knowing the details of those contracts perhaps Cooper’s contract is different given that he’s only performing a voice role.

Jake Gyllenhaal – 
Jake’s name has been thrown around for some time as a fan favorite pick for Hal Jordan.  Gyllenhaal has in fact been such a popular choice he’s won multiple fan polls across the internet, beating out actors like Nathan Fillion who have a very vocal fan following.  Gyllenhaal is a fan of the comic book genre and was even offered the role of Rick Flag in 2016’s Suicide Squad film but the rumor is that he didn’t like the script.  It could also be that he sees himself more the superhero type based on comments that he gains inspiration from comics.

Tom Cruise – 

If this were the eighties Cruise would likely be at the top of my list.  But it’s thirty years too late in my eyes and the window of opportunity for Cruise to play a cosmic Maverick has long closed in my eyes.  Yes, he’d bring star power to the film, but at the end of the day I want to see a Hal Jordan in his prime.  At 54 Cruise is in fantastic shape but he’s not even close to being the Top Gun for the role.

Joel McHale –
When I read Joel McHale’s name on the list I immediately did a double take.  I’ve only seen him in comedic performances and, to be frank, I didn’t think he was particularly funny.  DC Entertainment must see something in the actor to make him a consideration but I personally consider him a long shot for the part.

Source: The Wrap

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