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“We need to get justice”

The beginning of Tim Seeley’s run left a lot to be desired, but as we get to this week’s Green Lanterns #46 readers can see the potential of what Seeley could do with this title over the long-term.  That is, until you realize that there’s only three issues left before Dan Jurgens takes over with a potential Green Lantern franchise overhaul on the horizon.  For now readers can enjoy the third chapter of “Ghosts of the Past”, arguably the best arc for this series since its inception.

This issue Seeley dives deeper into Jessica’s past as the horror story of her fated hunting trip unfolds before readers’ eyes.  Jessica’s friends are gunned down one by one as a penalty for stumbling across two men in the process of ditching a murder victim.  Their deaths don’t pack an emotional punch but Seeley effectively conveys the shocking abruptness of it all and V. Ken Marion’s artwork fills in the rest.  This is the moment that defines Jessica going forward and the creative team does as good a job as possible in giving the scene the emotional weight it deserves.  Anyone who’s invested themselves in either lead character should find something to like in this issue.

The murder of Jessica’s friends is brutal and harsh

Countering this is Simon’s trip deeper into the realm of the power ring.  Baz’s encounters with Earth-3 Hal Jordan and other previous incarnations of Power Ring is suitably creepy, capped off by Simon running into his own doppelganger, Solomon Baz.  Solomon doesn’t prove to be much of a problem for Simon, but his ability to probe Simon’s mind results in a revelation of sorts about the nature of Volthoom’s ring.  Seeley’s plot ties the ring securely to Jessica’s future and creates dramatic tension with how this story could have a lasting effect on her partnership with Baz.

V. Ken Marion does a really nice job this issue overall, although there are some panels where the perspective and scale are at odds with each other.  Despite that, where Marion shines is during the buildup and presentation of the murder of Jessica’s friends.  Overall a good effort.

Green Lanterns #46 is one of the best issues of the series thus far, showing the reader the stark contrast between the Jessica Cruz that we’ve read about and the confident young woman she was.  Solid art helps anchor the story and deliver the emotional beats needed to support Tim Seeley’s script.  Seven out of ten lanterns.

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