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It’s that time of year again and as has become a tradition on the Blog of Oa, so we’ve once again risked life and limb by sneaking into Larfleeze’s lair to see what’s on the top of his mile long gift list this year.  So whether you’re looking for something special to give to the Green Lantern fan in your life or you just want to print this out and leave it nestled between the pages of your loved ones’ most recent issue of Look magazine you’ve come to the right place.  We also promote the idea of buying from your local comic shop, but if you don’t have one nearby we’ve included links to places where you can find these items online.


There are a lot of Green Lantern comic collections out there, but here are some of the best.

Green Lantern celebrated three quarters of a century in print in 2015 and to mark the milestone DC published Green Lantern: A Celebration of 75 Years.  This hardcover collects the first appearances of many of the characters and parts of Green Lantern lore and combines them into one great tour through history. There are over eighteen different stories in one book which Amazon sells here for just over $27 at Click here to see my video review of this great book.

Absolute Green Lantern / Green Arrow collects the socially conscious books that helped launch the bronze age of comics.  A steal for $53 at


Get in the Game

We are living in the days of somewhat of a board game renaissance and there are literally hundreds of new games being published every year.  Combined with the overwhelming popularity of superheroes in modern culture there is no surprise that there are a fair number of superhero themed games being published.  Two of this year’s crop include Green Lantern in there theme.

The first is DC Rivals: Green Lantern vs. Sinestro, a two player head-to-head deck building game by Cryptozoic Entertainment.  I think very highly of the game and you can check out my review to see some of the gameplay and my comments.  At only $20 on Amazon this is a great inexpensive item that is easy to learn but offers enough strategy that it doesn’t feel like it’s either too difficult for new gamers or too easy for experienced gamers.  It’s also a great way to learn Cryptozoic’s Cyberus game engine which is used in their DC Deckbuilding Game series.

If you’re more into a party game experience you might want to check out DC Spyfall, a DC Comics themed version of Cryptozoic’s people Spyfall game.  In this 3-8 player social deduction game players take on the role of superheroes having a secret meeting at a randomly chosen iconic location in the DC Comics universe.  The problem is that the one of the players is secretly the Joker in disguise and that player doesn’t know the location of the meeting.  Players ask each other questions trying to ferret out the Joker while the Joker player is trying to determine the location of the meeting based on the questions being asked.  There are clever variations which does things like introduce Harley Quinn into the game or an interesting twist where everyone is the Joker player.  The Green Lantern connection – DC Spyfall features both Ferris Aircraft and Mogo as two possible meeting locations.   This one is also under $20 on Amazon.

Collectibles and more

Every GL fan needs a power battery and while many already have the traditional Green Lantern version, fewer have embraced the rest of the emotional spectrum.  Probably the best place to start is with a Sinestro Corps power battery prop complete with its own ring which makes the battery light up.  For $170 at Entertainment Earth it’s certainly a more expensive gift, but what better way to spread a little holiday fear cheer!

What better fashion accessory could a Green Lantern fan have to go along with their power ring?  The DC Watch Collection includes a Green Lantern version complete with a collector’s tin for $33 at Entertainment Earth.   Armed with the Green Lantern watch your hero is sure to arrive just in the Saint Nick of time!

Depending on your age the brand Mego may conjure up the most nostalgic of fond memories.  The brand is back in a big way with a whole new line of figures based on superheroes and pop culture characters.  The second wave just made their way exclusively to the shelves of Target stores from coast to coast, including a super-sized fourteen inch version of Green Lantern.  If stores in your sector of space don’t have the figure in stock you can also find it online at Target’s website.

No matter what you get for the Green Lantern fan in your that person will be extra grateful that you found something that appeals to their inner superhero.  This year’s selection represents only a few of the dozens of possible gifts you can choose from.  There are of course some great options from you local comic book store in terms of collected editions or gift certificates that can be used to fill in gaps in their collections.  I also recommend which has perhaps the largest and most diverse assortment of superhero related products on the Internet.  Here’s a link to their directory of Green Lantern items.

We escaped Larfleeze once again this year and we hope that you find this list helpful in finding that special something for this holiday season!

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