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Back during the buildup to the 2017 Justice League film there was a lot of fan chatter around the scene in a one of the trailers where Alfred encounters someone off camera, saying “He said you’d come – now let’s hope it’s not too late.”  All the buzz was about how Alfred was talking to, with Superman being the obvious choice, but many fans noting the light reflecting in Alfred’s glasses perhaps being a clue that a Green Lantern would make a surprise appearance in the movie in a cameo.  If what Kevin Smith reveals in his latest Fatman on Batman podcast is true then we’ve missed out on something pretty cool.  Smith doesn’t mention the rumor that Green Lantern was going to appear in an end credit cutscene, so who knows if the cameo and the cut scene were one in the same.

To summarize what Smith points out in the podcast and video above is that Zack Snyder had three Justice League films fully planned out, including storyboards by Jim Lee.  Here are the key points that Smith shared regarding the Justice League trilogy:

  • The first film is very close to what we saw in theaters, however a Green Lantern did show up and the film closed with the revelation that Darkseid is out there and he knows about Earth.
  • The second film would be a cosmic battle on Apokolips…and the Justice League would lose.
  • The second film would have ended with Darkseid laying waste to an unprotected Earth.
  • The apocalyptic vision Batman had in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice would be that of a scorched Earth under Darkseid’s emerging conquest.
  • The third film would be the Justice League’s battle to save Earth from Darkseid.

Whether the Green Lantern was Hal Jordan, John Stewart or an alien member of the Corps we’ll likely never know as Warner Brothers has essentially pulled the plug on a shared DC cinematic universe.  We did get to see Yalan Gur make a brief appearance, but that’s a minor consolation at this point.  The scope of the Snyder films, if Smith’s information is correct, would have been something to see.

Is that a Green Lantern glow reflecting in Alfred’s glasses?

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