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Fans of the classic Mego action figures have rejoiced in the return of the iconic toy line from the 1970’s. Finally after all these years you can finally get a Green Lantern mego figure at Target, albeit one that isn’t to scale with the original product line.  Enter the Figures Toy Company who’ve not only created a number of versions of Green Lantern, but a Superfriends version of Sinestro as well. The company recently tweeted out an image of their upcoming Abin Sur figure and while there’s no exact release date available yet they do indicate that it will be some time in 2019.  Personally, I’m hoping we get a Kilowog figure based on the oversized bodies that Mego used to use to make the Thing and the Hulk!  Here’s a look at the new figure as well as the other Green Lantern figures in their product line.

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