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DC Comics announced today that they are re-launching their Young Animal imprint later this year, and along with it is the news of Far Sector, a new Green Lantern title.  Far Sector will be written by Hugo Award winning author, N.K. Jemisin and drawn by artist Jamal Campbell and star another new Green Lantern character from Earth, Sojourner “Jo” Mullein.

Jo’s mission will take her far from her home planet as her job will be to be the sole law enforcement for City Enduring, a city of twenty billion people in a Dyson-Swarm which has, until recently, been fairly crime free thanks to adopting a lifestyle of suppressing their emotions.  The now-eighth Green Lantern from Earth is a real life New York Police Officer who finds herself in the center the investigation of a violent crime with a power ring unlike any other.

Far Sector is set for a debut issue in 2019 and further pushes the question of how many Earth Lanterns are too many.  It’s just my opinion, and it may be a controversial one, but I believe more and more that DC has reached a point of creative bankruptcy where creators seem hell-bent on slapping a power ring on any new character they come up with in hopes that will help the character stick with readers, and, of course, this ring is unique to the normal ring because it allows the writer to ignore the way that things work in the Green Lantern universe.  Considering there’s a whole universe of Green Lantern characters to choose from who continue to be diminished, it’s really a shame that one of them didn’t get a chance to be a part of this story.

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  1. I think they could have used some of the existing lanterns. Even someone of the -not Earth- ones, we have thousands of lanterns of which we could have stories. Greetings for everyone!

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