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There wasn’t a lot of Green Lantern news coming out of the New York Comic Con, but there were some updates on Green Lantern statues from both Tweeterhead and XM Studios.  Get your wallets ready, because these are going to hit hard!

Tweeterhead has a very classic Hal Jordan pose for their twelve pound maquette which serves as the seventeenth statue in the Super Powers line.  The statue’s dimensions are 17 × 25 × 20 inches and is currently available for pre-order on Tweeterhead’s website which indicates that the statue will be shipping this quarter.  The price for the statue is $274.99 but can be reserved with a $100 deposit.

XM Studios really caught my eye last year when they first teased their first Green Lantern statue, and this weekend they unveiled the final version as well as the price of the statue.  At a whopping $719 I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to pass on it, in part due to the price and in part due to the final construct design.  I think that Hal looks amazing here, and I love the pattern in the green part of the uniform.  But the construct looks like plastic due to the paint job and I think it would have looked a lot better had they gone with the translucent green.  From what I heard they made the decision due to the translucent look making the details hard to see.  My other concern, as others have pointed out, is that the rockets will likely droop over time.  In fact, those who’ve been following this product have noticed that they display version has already shown droopage over the course of being displayed at several shows.  The statue hasn’t gone on pre-order yet, but here’s the link to their order page for when it goes live.  (Photo credit to user GeneralZodLives from Statue Forum.)

XM Studios was also showing off a Darkseid diorama statue that’s seen some changes from previous pre-production images.  Originally Hal Jordan was feature amongst his fellow Justice Leaguers brandishing a construct chainsaw.  In this physical presentation shown at NYCC Hal has been put more front and center against Darkseid with his power ring firing an energy blast directly at the Lord of Apokolips.  No pricing or release date for this one yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be pretty expensive!  Pre-order page here.  (Photo credit to user GeneralZodLives from Statue Forum.)

And while not a part of the XM Studios display at NYCC, a quick search of their site also shows two more Green Lantern statues listed in their upcoming products pages.  One for Sinestro and one for Jessica Cruz.  Again, no release dates or prices are available at this time.






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