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The Arrowverse just wrapped up the last episode ever of the Arrow TV show and the one topic that has been of particular interest to Green Lantern fans was whether or not the show would payoff on any of the Green Lantern teases that have been on the various CW superhero shows.  Coast City has been referred to on a number of occasions as has Ferris Air, even Hal Jordan’s future sister-in-law has appeared in the show.   Two of the biggest teases came from the from the show’s fourth season debut where Oliver Queen, via flashback, visits a Coast City bar and a guy in a bomber jacket with the name Jordan on it walks by, and then there’s the reference during one of the Arrowverse crossovers where the Flash of Earth 90 asks the John Diggle from Earth 1 about the location of his ring.

A mysterious object comes crashing to Earth

It all leads to this and in the finale the producers of Arrow gave us one more tease that is as close a confirmation that John Diggle will be a Green Lantern in the Arrowverse, and perhaps even in the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern show.  I say a tease because the episode goes about as far as it can without confirming it.  During the finale there is a monologue by Diggle while various scenes play out about the legacy of Green Arrow.  At one point a mysterious item, seeming to change direction towards Diggle, crashes into the Earth, blowing Diggle several feet in the air.  Diggle approaches the crater to pick up a box, which when opened reveals a bright green light.  But that’s as far as they show goes, never saying 100% that the glowing object is a ring, or whether or not Diggle adopts the last name of Stewart, something that was also set up during a previous episode.  It’s about as strong of a “wink, wink, nudge nudge” as you can get.

It’s unfortunate that the show’s producers never paid off on the Hal Jordan connect, given that Hal has always been the closest of friends to both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.  However many fans have been pushing the John Diggle / Stewart connection based on Diggle’s military background.  Other fans feel that Diggle has earned his own place as a character that can stand on his own, with DC Comics going so far as to bring him into the comic book universe.  As far as the HBO Max show goes, my gut feeling is that Diggle will not be a factor simply due to the the recent Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover where it was all but confirmed that the HBO Max show will take place on Earth 12.

Diggle seems to have been chosen

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