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Warner Brothers had a Television Critics Association panel about the HBO Max streaming service which has revealed some preliminary information about the upcoming Greg Berlanti Green Lantern HBO Max series that was announced last fall.  According to Sarah Aubrey, Head of Content for HBO Max, the series “is going to span several decades, and focus on the origin story of two major Green Lanterns on Earth while linking it to the story in space, a Green Lantern-favorite character, Sinestro.”

This doesn’t give us a lot to go on other than confirming Sinestro for the show, although perhaps the most interesting part of the quote is that the show is going to take place across several decades.  Whether this is in flashbacks like we’ve seen Berlanti utilize heavily on Arrow or it will literally spend several episodes in one time period before moving to another is open for conjecture.  I could certainly see the show bouncing back and forth between the time when Sinestro was the pride of the Green Lantern Corps and his time as the leader of his own Sinestro Corps as an effective story telling technique.

Of course what most of us are interested in is who the “two major Green Lanterns” are.  With Sinestro being in the mix it would be rather obvious that Hal Jordan will play a predominant role in the show given the iconic nature of their relationship.  Who would be the second?  John Stewart is again the obvious choice, but there’s also the possibility that Berlanti looks to use a younger Green Lantern like Kyle Rayner or Jessica Cruz.  There’s of course no details to be found at this point and everyone has their own speculation about who they feel should feature in the show.

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