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While the Justice League movie failed to “unite the seven”, it looks like Hershey’s chocolate is going to accomplish that task.  Justin, a member of our Blog of Oa Facebook group, posted the above image of a Hershey’s chocolate bar he discovered at a local store this morning.  The bar is number seven of seven, and Justin also saw others that had either Batman, Wonder Woman, or the Flash on them.  Based on the logos on the candy bar, Superman is also included which leaves two unknowns.

This is part of an effort that Hershey’s and DC Comics have teamed up on, with pallets of them being sent to hospitals and other locations to reward frontline workers as a thank you.  The chocolate bars were not supposed to be available to the general public until July, but both Speedway and Walmart have them out already.

Update 5/8/20 – I was able to find the Hershey bars today at a Speedway convenience station. They had six of the seven candy bars show below, and in talking with the cashier who was also a DC Comics fan she confirmed to me that Aquaman is the #6 bar in the series. Oddly, she indicated that their store received no Aquaman bars in their shipment.  That tells me that there may be some scarcity by region depending on how the candy was allocated.

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