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Rumors last fall was that Brian Bendis was creating a Gold Lantern in the pages of the Legion of Superheroes series at some point, but with all the changes in that book it wasn’t certain that Bendis was going to follow through on creating yet another new ring bearer.  Just recently Bendis took to Instagram to post the Ryan Sook image to the right of the new character, indicating that he would be debuting in the upcoming Legion of Superheroes #4.  The Gold Lantern features a new logo and ring, with a uniform that’s clearly inspired by the classic Green Lantern uniform.  Additionally, this new Lantern has a Legion flight ring on his left hand.  There’s some conjecture that the Gold Lantern is powered by joy, but there has been nothing official announced about how the ring works, or who’s wearing it.

I personally have zero interest in the new character, but I hope it’s at least executed better than I think the Teen Lantern has been.

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