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It seems like we’ve been waiting a long time for details to be released about the upcoming Green Lantern show being made for HBO Max, but today brings forth a great deal of news about the series, which has been given an initial ten-episode order.  Green Lantern, a one-hour episodic series, was already described as one which would span decades and would include Sinestro.

According to a story today from the Hollywood Reporter website, the show will feature Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz. It will also include Kilowog to some extent.  Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner do not feature in the series. Seth Grahame-Smith, screenwriter of films which include The Lego Batman Movie, will the showrunner and will also co-write the initial episode with Marc Guggenheim.  Guggenheim should be familiar to comics fans from his role in the Arrowverse and co-writer of the first script for the 2011 Green Lantern movie.  Production is said to begin in 2021.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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