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Hot Topic is going to be carrying an exclusive line of Green Lantern Funko Pop! figures, starting with Black Hand. The second figure in the line will be a White Lantern.  At this point we don’t know if this one will be a new figure or a re-issue of the Kyle Rayner White Lantern figure that was available exclusively during the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. This news comes from Funko Finderz who posted some pictures on their Twitter feed this evening, which was noticed and shared out to Lantern fans by our good friend Chad Bokelman from The Lanterncast.

Funko Pops! have been pretty scarce in the past few years for Green Lantern fans, however, we did see an Alan Scott figure released in 2020 and there was a Gamestop exclusive Jim Lee inspired Hal Jordan / Batman figure based on the New 52 Justice League relaunch in 2019. There was also a Batman the Dawnbreaker figure in 2019 as well.  The new figures should be available starting in February.

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