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Fans have wondered since the Justice League movie was announced if we’d see Green Lantern as a founding member of the team, and if so which lantern it would be.  When the movie came out in 2017 we tasted the disappointment that a Green Lantern wasn’t included in so much as a mid-credits scene, but we did get to see Yalan Gur in a flashback to Steppenwolf’s last attempt to invade the Earth.  Recent trailers for Zack Snyder’s Justice League revealed that we’d get to see a bit more of Gur in action, and when Zack Snyder teased that there would be a new hero cameo in his cut fans began hoping it would be one of the emerald gladiators.

So – is there more Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut?  Spoilers below…


As we already know from the trailer, Snyder does show us new footage of Yalan Gur in the fight during the previous invasion of Earth, but this time it’s Darkseid leading the forces instead of Steppenwolf.  The Green Lantern still dies in battle, this time at the hands of Darkseid as he goes toe to toe with the New God.  The cameo, well that’s the Martian Manhunter, but there is another peek at a Green Lantern.  During one of the movie’s “Back to the Dystopian Future” dream sequences, we get more on Superman’s trip to the dark side after the death of Lois Lane.  And there, lying in the rubble is poor dead Kilowog.

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