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We’ve been following the slow release of Green Lantern related Funko Pop! vinyl figures for some time now, but not as closely as our good friend Chad Bokelman from The Lanterncast, who is an avid collector.  Thanks to Chad’s diligence we’re aware of four Pop! figures coming out this year that are of interest to Green Lantern fans, two of which are recent revelations – a White Lantern Sinestro and an Atrocitus.

A Funko version of Black Lantern Wonder Woman is set for release this month, and this fall we can expect to see a special Halloween themed version of Jessica Cruz.  The Atrocitus figure will be a retailer exclusive, presumably from Hot Topic.  White Lantern Sinestro is set to be a shared retailer exclusive with a connection to the San Diego Comic Con.  It would be no surprise if Hot Topic were again the retailer connected to this one as this would line up with a previous story connecting Hot Topic with a number of Green Lantern related figures.

There’s no image for the Atrocitus figure yet, but here’s an image of the upcoming White Lantern Sinestro.  Thanks as always to the eagle eyed Mr. Bokelman!

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