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After months without an ongoing Green Lantern title, DC Comics today dropped initial news surrounding their “Dawn of DC” initiative for 2023 which includes two new Green Lantern titles. The new initiative spins out of the “Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths” and “DC Universe: Lazarus Planet” events and includes the launch of 20 new titles that will debut over the course of 2023.

After the near-Multiverse-ending events in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths and DC Universe: Lazarus Planet, the DC Universe will be heading toward the light. With brand-new series and story arcs from some of the top creative members in comics, Dawn of DC is one of our most ambitious initiatives ever and is a chance for us to tell bigger and bolder stories across our line. – DC publisher and chief creative officer Jim Lee.

Debuting in April of 2023 will be Green Lantern: Hal Jordan, written by Mariko Tamaki (Crush & Lobo) with an artist that has yet to be announced. DC describes the series as “Fan favorite Hal Jordan returns to Earth and to his blockbuster superhero action storytelling roots.”

Later in 2023 will be the launch of Green Lantern: John Stewart, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with an artist to be announced at a later date. DC describes this series as “The beloved John Stewart gets back to basics as the military-trained, gritty, but heroic Green Lantern.”

There are of course some questions that this poses, chief among them what is happening with the rest of the Earth Lanterns. DC has indicated that the John Stewart books “spins out of” the Hal Jordan book, so one can assume that we’ll see some more than just Hal in his series. The other big question is whether or not Geoff Thorne’s run gets ignored.

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4 Replies to ““Dawn of DC” launches two Green Lantern titles in 2023”

  1. Good news! I would like a Corps book. But “Fan favorite Hal Jordan returns to Earth and to his blockbuster superhero action storytelling roots.” gives me hope.

    1. 100% on the Hal comment – his excellent series by Morrison and Sharp notwithstanding, I’ve been hoping for some great stories of Hal on earth for what seems like decades!

  2. We can only hope that Thorne’s run gets ignored…looks like the predictions are true, and that John’s “bold new direction” as “The Emerald Knight” will last a grand total of zero years!
    Speaking of ignoring, I’m not crazy about this decision to focus on the animation-era John Stewart and say he’s a one-note military man, instead of the comics history John Stewart who’s a more nuanced radical architect. But hey, we get a Hal book out of the deal with a great writer, and hopefully a freeze on more new human American GLs. We have more than enough already!

    1. Mariko Tamaki lmao
      unbelievable. Mariko Tamaki is notorious for her self insert style of writing. she writes every book revolving around characters she self inserts herself into.
      I fully expect the Hal Jordan book to revolve around him training some new Green lantern that looks similar to her.
      Screenshot this comment. you’ll see. let’s take bets

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