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Mr. Giella and I at Terrificon

Artist Joe Giella passed away on March 21st, 2023 at the age of 94. Giella was one of many creators whose foundational work was instrumental in establishing the DC Comics universe at the dawn of the Silver Age. Giella was most prolific as an inker, notably working on Showcase #22-24 and the first thirty issues of Green Lantern Volume 2. I had the great fortune of meeting Joe at Terrificon in 2019 and he struck me as an incredibly gracious man who didn’t hesitate to give you some time to talk about comics. When we met chatted for quite a while and he admired my Green Lantern baseball jersey, telling me that he’d designed the Green Lantern symbol and had the original artwork on the wall in his den! He was full of great stories and one of the nicest creators I’ve ever had the great fortune to meet. Joe joins the growing list of incredible people who brought our favorite characters to life who are no longer among us.


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