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**Updated 11/26/23 – The Kyle Rayner stretch goal has been met and the article has been updated to reflect this.

The DCeased – A Zombicide Game has been doing quite well on Kickstarter, reaching over $1.25 million in pledges from over 8000 people with about 5 days to go. As with any Kickstarter project there are an increasing number of stretch goals and additional content added to the campaign to expand on what the project has to offer to its backers. In addition to the already announced Green Lantern content, in recent days two more ring slingers have been added to the game, hero versions of Alan Scott and Kyle Rayner. If you’re interested in backing the project, here is a link to it.

That increases the number of Green Lantern characters to an even dozen including some which are Kickstarter exclusives and some that are a part of the optional Green Lantern Corps(e) expansion. Here’s what is included so far, with items that are Kickstarter exclusive in italics:

Base game: Hal Jordan (zombie), Green Canary (hero), Guy Gardner (hero), Kyle Rayner (hero) Green Canary (zombie), Alan Scott (hero)
Green Lantern Corps(e) expansion: Hal Jordan (hero), John Stewart (hero), Kilowog (hero), Arisa (hero), Soranik Natu (hero), Jessica Cruz (hero), Sinestro (zombie), Tomar-Re (zombie), Sinestro (hero), Kilowog (zombie)

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